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In order to provide the highest quality of health care possible, perfection must not be limited to just the staff. A health care provider’s facility also must be held to a high standard; else, we would not be able to offer what we purport. This is the precise reason we chose to get accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. An independent, not-for-profit organization, the AAAHC has closely examined our center and has found that the standards meet that of the nationally recognized standards for quality health care. Even though health care organizations do not have to be accredited in this fashion; and many are not, we chose to attain it, as our first priority is the patient, to see that you get the best of care in the best environment possible.

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It is not just our services that are held up to these high standards that we have imposed upon ourselves. Dr. Hall and his associates have also made absolute certain that the facilities themselves reflect the quality of service Infini provides. Our offices, are situated in a newly remodeled, stand-alone building, with nearly 5500 square feet of surgical suites, waiting rooms, and treatment centers. In accordance with Dr. Hall’s vision, who always keeps the clients in mind, warm, natural lighting and color-tones are used in every room, accenting the clean, contemporary furnishings that grace each and every hallway.

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The lobby, created to welcome all guests, features a friendly staff and a 200-gallon tropical fish tank with colorful saltwater fish. Visitors can even get educated about the various procedures offered at our facilities via way of our informational brochures, staff, and plasma-screen TV situated in the surgery room (since patients will be awake during their procedure). Add in impressive surround sound music, a beautiful physical interface and layout, and, of course, the most helpful staff around, and you get an experience that you will only find here at the Infini Phoenix Liposuction Center.

5,500 square foot cosmetic surgery and liposuction facility


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