Our Staff

Led by Dr. Hall, the Infini Phoenix Liposuction staff is a team of highly skilled and educated health care professionals, aestheticians, and registered nurses. Each and every one of our staff members will make certain that your treatment here at Infini Phoenix Liposuction Center™ will be pleasant, gratifying, and successful, something that most Liposuction centers cannot guarantee.

Liposuction – It’s What We Do It’s All We Do


Meet our Patient Coordinator Amber, she has been with Infini Cosmetic for five years. Amber has a background in the medical field with a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration / Management and currently holds her aesthetics license as well, since 2006. In her spare time she enjoys spending time outside hiking, skiing, wakeboarding and almost anything adventurous. She also enjoys day trips, paint nites and reading.


Meet our aesthetician Evelyn, she has been with Infini Cosmetic for four years. Evelyn has been working in the skin care field since 2003, when she obtained her aesthetics license. She has also been working with lasers even before licensing was required. Evelyn previously worked in a skin care clinic alongside another doctor performing deep resurfacing laser treatments. Evelyn enjoys spending time with her 1 year old daughter and 7 year old son.


Meet our front office receptionist Josie, she has been with Infini Cosmetic for almost four years. Josie has a loving husband and is a mother to three girls and one boy. She is originally from Rochester, New York. She also holds her aesthetics license since 2005. She enjoys cooking, shopping, and offering words of advice.


Meet our Office Manager Shannon, she has been with Infini Cosmetic for over nine years. Shannon attended college with a full ride scholarship for softball and has a double minor in biology and chemistry. In her spare time she finds herself an adrenaline junkie, and enjoys anything extreme. She loves being a mother to her 3 month old and 10 year old daughters. She is the quintessential “soccer mom” staying busy with her daughter’s track, football, and volleyball all season long.

Advanced cosmetic surgery tools and procedures

Most importantly, however, is that, with a bevy of top of the line tools at their disposal, our physicians will be able to ensure that our patient’s body and skin looks better and feels great with the greatest of ease. There will be no long wait times, no long recoveries. Infini Phoenix Liposuction guarantees minimally invasive procedures – all with a smile!

Why choose Infini Phoenix Liposuction?

Without a doubt, Infini Phoenix Liposuction is known for much more than just its reputation for success; we are also known for our keen hospitality, and customer satisfaction. To provide professionalism, friendliness, and true care, alongside excellent results, is our goal; and we strive to reach that goal every single day. Because of this, we invite you to contact us whenever you so please, and make an appointment today. You won’t be disappointed!


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