5 Brazilian Butt Lift Questions

Five Questions About the Brazilian Butt Lift Whenever you are considering any type of cosmetic procedure, research is your first and most important step. This is your body, and you should ask a lot of questions before allowing anyone to cut into you. Additionally, asking the right questions allows you to be prepared for what… Read More


3 Additional Lipo Procedures

Three Procedures You May Want to Consider in Addition to Liposuction You’ve been watching your favorite stars for years, wondering how they ALWAYS seem to look so perfect for the cameras and how you can achieve similar results—possibly feeling depressed when you can’t seem to do it, no matter how hard you work at it…. Read More


Fat Transfer Butt Augmentation Is a Very Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

It would be nearly impossible to miss all those celebrities in the media. We are inundated with photos on a daily basis through various media channels—some airbrushed, some not. We also see advertisements daily touting the various available cosmetic procedures that can help us achieve celebrity looks for ourselves. Some have called the rise in… Read More