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Is Liposuction the Answer for Post-Pregnancy Fat?


It probably comes as no surprise that many women look for procedures that can help them “tighten up” after childbirth. Skin and muscles in the abdominal area can be left stretched and droopy. Liposuction and tummy tucks are popular methods to help contour any post-pregnancy fat.

Body Contouring

Liposuction body contouring is a cosmetic procedure that can help sculpt particular areas that may have excess fat. It can help restore the abdomen to its pre-pregnancy state to let you feel your best again. Liposuction is often used in conjunction with a tummy tuck. Fat can also be removed from other parts of the body for an even better, slimmer silhouette.

Tummy Tuck for Post-Pregnancy Fat

A tummy tuck essentially “repairs” the abdominal area by removing and tightening the skin, and tightening abdominal muscles. A tuck can also repair the abdominal wall. Excess fat can be removed through liposuction for an even more contoured look.

Solving Cesarean Issues

Women who delivered via a Cesarean often find themselves with surgical scars. Tummy tucks can help reduce those scars, along with stretch marks. Again, this type of tummy tuck is often done along with liposuction to produce the very best results.

At Phoenix Liposuction/Infini Cosmetic Associates, we understand how important it is to many women to return to their pre-pregnancy figure. You’ve probably gone through weeks of diet and exercise, and you are still facing those stubborn fat deposits and even that sagging skin.

At Phoenix Liposuction, we have several different procedures, including liposuction, that can help you fight post-pregnancy fat and get your figure back. We can even help you get a better body through procedures such as breast and butt augmentation!

We invite you to contact our team to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hall, where your individual case and options will be discussed. We want to ensure that each of our patients receives the very best care and the very best results.