Arm Liposuction and Arm Liposuction Cost

The upper arms are one of the biggest’ problem areas’ of the body. This is because our bodies tend to store excess fat in the upper arms and around the armpit area. This unwanted fat can lead to bigger-looking arms, sagging skin, and bulky fatty deposits.

Arm fat is one of the more challenging types of body fat to remove. If you’ve tried to achieve slim, toned arms with a traditional diet and exercise routine but are still unhappy with how you look, you may be a good candidate for arm liposuction. Liposuction can permanently remove unwanted fat from the back of the arms and under the underarms, leaving you with a more toned and sculpted look.

Learn more about the procedure, arm liposuction costs, and what to expect.

How is Arm Lipo Performed?

Flabby arms can be slimmed and toned by eliminating unwanted fat pockets. Arm liposuction is typically considered an outpatient procedure and doesn’t require general anesthesia, making it safer and less invasive.

Tumescent liposuction is the most used and well-received type of liposuction. You’ll receive a local anesthetic to thoroughly numb the area before fat cells are extracted using a thin cannula. With tumescent lipo, a local anesthetic numbs the area. As a result, you will remain coherent, and the procedure should be relatively painless. The cannula is a hollow hose attached to a suction device. The doctor will shape and contour your arms expertly for a slimmer, more cohesive look. The tube enters the body through small incisions, which are later closed with sutures once the procedure is complete.

What Happens After Surgery?

Most patients are required to stay in a post-op room for a short monitoring period immediately following liposuction surgery. You’ll also be given a compression garment, which is a tight-fitting sleeve that covers your arms. This garment must be worn 24/7 under the guidance of your doctor. The garment helps reduce swelling and holds the skin taut while your body recovers.

Although you will be awake throughout the procedure, it’s not permitted to drive after receiving

local anesthesia. Please arrange a ride home from the treatment center to help ensure you’re safe on the road. It’s best to take the rest of the day off and focus on resting. You may be tired or groggy following arm liposuction. These feelings should subside within a day.

What Can Arm Lipo Treat?

The reasons for getting arm liposuction can vary. If you have any of the following, arm lipo can help you achieve smoother, thinner arms.

  • Flabby arms (bat wings)
  • Fat hanging down the arms
  • Untoned upper arms

If you also have pesky fat deposits in other areas of your body, there are many other liposuction treatment areas, including the back, abdomen, flanks, buttocks, and thighs. It’s not uncommon to have two or more places treated in one procedure.

Recycling Fat From Liposuction

Your plastic surgeon may suggest another cosmetic procedure to complement your liposuction surgery to address other body issues. In some cases, the fat cells removed during lipo can be harvested and reinjected to other areas in the body where you’re lacking volume. The two most common fat transfer procedures are a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) for a fuller, rounder bottom or a natural breast augmentation where the surgeon uses your own fat to reshape and plump your breasts.

Are There Risks Involved?

Like all surgical procedures, there’s a risk of infection. Following proper aftercare instructions should significantly reduce the chances of infection. Although rare, some patients may experience contour irregularities in the treatment area.

To help avoid risks or undesirable results, always work with a medical facility or a board-certified plastic surgeon you can trust. The more experience and skill the surgeon has, the more likely you’ll achieve consistently natural-looking results.

Are You a Good Candidate for Upper Arm Liposuction?

Cosmetic surgery may not be safe or effective for everyone. If you’re unsure if you’ll qualify for arm lipo, check the list below to get a better understanding.

Arm lipo could be a good solution if you:

  • Are in generally good health
  • Are a non-smoker
  • Do not take blood-thinning medications or contraindicated drugs
  • Live a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Are at or within 10 pounds of your ideal or goal weight
  • Are committed to following aftercare recommendations
  • Do not have any underlying or preexisting health conditions that could interfere with surgery or recovery
  • Have realistic expectations about the results of the surgery

You can also learn more about your specific situation by booking a virtual consultation with your healthcare provider. Always be transparent about your lifestyle, habits, and any known health conditions.

Recovery & Downtime

Arm sculpting with liposuction is a relatively simple procedure, and recovery should be quick. After surgery, most patients will have swelling, bruising, and soreness in the arms for a few days. Pain medication may be prescribed, or your doctor may recommend over-the-counter painkillers to help keep you comfortable during recovery.

You’ll be given compression garments to help reduce swelling and bruising while providing additional support to the skin and muscles as they heal. The compression garments are usually required for around two weeks post-op. Many patients take about three days off of work and can return to normal activity within a week following surgery. You should avoid exercise or other strenuous activity until you get the “green light” from your doctor. Overexerting yourself too quickly can lead to swelling and further complications.

If you’re also undergoing skin tightening surgery like an arm lift or another body contouring procedure like breast augmentation with a fat transfer, expect the recovery time to be more extensive.

When Will You Notice Results?

You’ll see a difference in the size and shape of your upper arms immediately following the procedure. Temporary swelling will make your arms appear larger, but as your body heals, you’ll notice slimmer arms. The tiny incisions will also disappear over time and usually do not leave any noticeable scarring.

After six months, the final results will usually show after your body is fully healed.

Arm Lipo Versus Brachioplasty

You may need one or more cosmetic procedures to help achieve your body goals. A brachioplasty, or arm lift is a plastic surgery procedure that reshapes the back part of your upper arm. Extra skin and tissue are removed from your arm to your elbow to make the upper arm look smaller and smoother. This procedure is best for individuals with less skin elasticity who have recently experienced significant weight loss or feel self-conscious about hanging skin.

If you have a lot of loose skin or ‘bat wings’ on the back of your arms, liposuction alone may not give you your desired results. A more invasive procedure like arm lift surgery is ideal for patients with little excess fat but an abundance of excess skin. If you’re looking for less commitment, laser liposuction or SmartLipo may also help reduce the appearance of saggy skin by enhancing new collagen production during your recovery period.

Arm Liposuction Cost

Arm liposuction costs will vary from patient to patient. The price can fluctuate depending on the amount of fat that needs to be removed and your size.

On average, arm liposuction is around $4,000. There is an additional charge to consider if you choose to have lipo in other areas like the upper back, stomach, or legs. You can get a better idea of how much your specific surgery will cost during your initial consultation with your doctor.

What’s typically included in the price for an arm liposuction procedure?

  • Pre-op labs
  • Facility fees
  • Operative anesthesia fees
  • Surgeon fees
  • Compression garments
  • Follow-up visits

Financing Arm Liposuction Surgery

Since lipo is elective surgery, most health insurances will not help cover the costs of the procedure. However, some facilities offer financing options to help patients pay for liposuction with reasonable monthly payments rather than paying in full up-front.

How to Get Started

Are you ready to say goodbye to stubborn fat for good? Fat removal is one of the easiest ways to get rid of stubborn fat that is unreceptive to diet and exercise.

If you think liposuction is the right choice for getting toned, slim, youthful-looking arms, the first step is booking a consultation. Tell your doctor what you want to improve, go over the different liposuction techniques, and create a game plan to help you achieve your goals.


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