Beauty is a matter of compromise

You can discuss the topic of beauty for a long time, but each person will have his own opinion and his point of view on this matter. We all imagine beauty in our way. And this is natural.

You may not listen to the opinion of your friends about appearance and standards of beauty, but I recommend paying attention to the advice of a plastic surgeon. Plastic specialists are not trendsetters, not magicians, they are just people who help their patients to reveal their individuality, return lost forms and harmonize appearance. And in this is hidden a huge power.

I often say beauty is a matter of compromise and individual preferences. I like when patients listen to my opinion. I believe that a good result can be achieved only in such fruitful joint work.

For example, I often recommend breast augmentation with fat transfer. But this type is not popular among plastic or cosmetic surgeons because of its complexity.

At Phoenix Liposuction Center™, we are guided by the desire to do our work as best as possible. A compromise has to be found in the selection of the right place to start the fat. The patient’s satisfaction with the final result largely depends on this decision and how much fat his body will absorb.

However, we think that the choice of implants is more of a specialist decision than a patient decision. The plastic surgeon certainly takes into account the wishes and “orders” of the patient, but the final decision depends on her initial anatomical data, surgical goals, and technique.

Sometimes we are approached by patients who want to have a significant increase in their breast size by only using fat. And although I always try to fulfill the patient’s request as much as possible, there are unrealistic wishes in terms of sizes.

We often recommend to patients perform combined operations – mammoplasty with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). This especially applies to young mothers whose figure needs correction. Therefore, similar operations are practiced quite often at Phoenix Liposuction Center™.

Combined operations give the wow effect that is most often needed by women after childbirth and breastfeeding. Moreover, such an intervention has undeniable advantages: the body is exposed to anesthesia once, and after that – one period of rehabilitation.

In conclusion, we want to say: trust your surgeon and listen to his opinion.


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