Beauty time: we know what women want

Playful young woman in dress and hat enjoying wind and waves on the beach


A woman always strives for absolute beauty and harmony. Such is the essence of the beautiful half of humanity. Especially since looking good is part of modern culture. Plastic surgery and cosmetic have become much more affordable. Previously, only stars could afford to look great, now it is available to any average woman.

Patients come to us with requests to return their lost beauty after childbirth. Most often, they are dissatisfied with their appearance, it is difficult for them to accept their changed body, and they feel uncomfortable. They do not like the chest and stomach – the most “problematic” places after childbirth. The main goal of my patients is to restore the self that was before childbirth. And we certainly know how to help them.

A woman has her special psychology. It is difficult for us to trust a person, especially a man. The desire for proportions and standards of beauty is easier to tell someone who will understand. For example, patients came to me who wanted to increase their breasts by just one size. some surgeons did not see the point in this, they offered more augmentation than putting women at a dead end. It is not uncommon for patients to experience discomfort during consultations. They were ashamed of their ugly breasts or their figure.

At our consultations, everything happens differently – we understand our patients, their hidden motives, and their desires. To penetrate a person is the main key to the correct tactics of a plastic surgeon. We see that the woman who came for consultation had tight and lush breasts and a flat stomach before giving birth. It’s even clearer to me what she wants to get now. This is a question not only of aesthetic medicine but also of psychology. I noticed that during initial consultations, 70% of the time is spent creating a psychological portrait. It begins with questions about aesthetic beauty and ends with a conversation about life.

We know how important it is for a woman who is a mother and a wife to feel confident in everyday life. Liking yourself is an important component of success and happiness. The internal state depends on appearance. We work for a result that will suit our patients. Looking at herself new in the mirror, she should get tremendous pleasure. The greatest reward for me is when a woman becomes happy.


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