Breast augmentation: TOP 3 questions about surgery from my patients

Mammoplasty is a fairly common operation. Breast plastic surgery is popular with women all over the world, both young nulliparous women and women who have problems with sagging breasts due to age or after childbirth resort to it. Among my clients there are representatives of the fair sex of different age categories, for whom breast plastic surgery is a solution to various problems. During the consultation, each of them is interested in a number of different questions, but there are also the most common ones, they are asked by almost all patients who are going to have mammoplasty.


1. Does breast augmentation increase the risk of breast cancer?

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. Therefore, one of the main questions that worries my patients is this: will breast plastic surgery, and even more so mammoplasty, increase the risk of developing a cancerous tumor, because this is a mechanical effect on the mammary gland and even the introduction of a foreign body?

To date, mammoplasty involves the installation of silicone implants. In plastic surgery, this is far from a new invention, they appeared a long time ago, and before entering the market, they underwent clinical trials and trials, which were repeated many times after. Research includes finding out how breast plastic surgery can affect the appearance of malignant tumors. All studies confirm that silicone endoprosthesis does not in any way provoke the development of breast cancer, and therefore mammoplasty is not related to the development of malignant tumors.

2. Will mammoplasty interfere with breastfeeding in the future?

Mammoplasty involves the introduction of implants under the muscles, this in no way affects the mammary gland. However, it is worth noting that in rare cases, breast plastic surgery can change the blood supply, and thus indirectly affect the feeding process. But, in general, breast plastic surgery in no way interferes with breastfeeding.

The only thing is that after breastfeeding, the operated breast behaves in the same way as the natural one – it can sag, and then the patient will need repeated breast plastic surgery to correct the shape.

3. Is it true that childbirth provokes a strong sagging of the artificial breast?

Pregnancy makes changes in the body of every woman, regardless of whether mammoplasty was performed or not, so the female breast, in any case, will change after pregnancy and childbirth. Depending on the physiological characteristics of each woman, the changes may be more pronounced or less. With enlarged breasts after childbirth, the same thing happens as with any other! Breast plastic surgery will not save women from the possible consequences of pregnancy and childbirth, but it will not aggravate them either. In most cases, the shape of the breast will not change, but after breastfeeding, it will lie neatly on the implant, and the woman will need a second breast augmentation, most likely a lift.

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