Can we lose weight with liposuction?

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It is a very common opinion among fat people that liposuction is an easy way to lose weight. Many people come to the doctor’s office and say the same phrase “doctor, I tried diets, I tried again and nothing worked, so I finally decided to do liposuction to solve my problem”.

Liposuction sucks fat. Since obesity is also due to fat, for this reason, the simple association is made: “I absorb fat, therefore I lose weight”.

Is liposuction a slimming method?

Liposuction is a method of removing localized fat. It should not be taken as fat removal for weight reduction, but as a smoothing of body surfaces and shaping by removing fat, because this is easier to remove. It is mainly aimed at thin people, who do not want to lose weight but to “flatten a surface” when this unwanted disharmony is due to local accumulation of fat.
The results of liposuction are permanent because during liposuction the plastic surgeon sucks fat cells, which do not regenerate. That is, if in one part of the body we have Several fat cells and next to it 2 x A, then we can remove Several fat cells in the place that has 2 x A and have the same number of fat cells everywhere, so a smooth surface.

We lose weight when we change the energy intake-expenditure balance

Our weight depends on two factors: a) the energy we take in with our food and b) the energy we consume with our daily activities. Our weight thus balances at the point where these two factors are equal. If we remove some fat cells but at the same time take in the same energy and consume the same energy as before then we will get back to the previous weight. Simply, in this case, the fat will be differently distributed in our bodies.

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How can we lose weight after liposuction?

There are cases where some people have lost weight after liposuction. This is not because of the fat they lost, but because they saw through liposuction their body shape improve, they were psychologically encouraged and gained more willpower and courage to follow a proper diet and exercise program. That is, seeing an improvement in their body or feeling that they did something to improve their body, was a catalytic factor, which led them to make an effort with diet and exercise after liposuction and in this way achieve the improving their body image.

But there are also cases of people who did not see liposuction in the right way and were led to the opposite result. That is, they thought that because they did liposuction they can continue the same way of eating or even worse because “the pants or skirt that didn’t fit them before now after liposuction does” and so they relaxed their effort and gained more weight than before. The correct treatment is the first.

Correct information leads to the desired result

What leads to success is always knowledge and effort. If one knows what liposuction can offer and at the same time makes an effort then one can achieve the maximum result, which is the correction of one’s body shape.

In conclusion, we can say that liposuction is not aimed at people who are overweight. Liposuction is a method available to every person, woman or man, who has localized fat and wants to get rid of it permanently. In such cases, the plastic surgeon can intervene to remove unwanted fat and sculpt the body, giving it more harmony.


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