Cheekbones are made with soft filler for a push-up effect

Cropped shot of young caucasian blonde woman with wavy hair before and after plastic surgery buccal fat pad removal. A lower part of the face with clear highlighted cheekbones. Result of cosmetic surgery

Here are the secrets of a treatment that is valid for two effects; more volume and immediate and new collagen to regenerate the skin day after day. Every woman has her cheekbones, but over the years we all tend to lose their volume. And this affects the appearance of the face because the cheekbones are a key point in the face; if they are very pronounced and proportional, they add personality to the face, if they are a little obvious, the whole oval shape of the face loses its strength. Make-UI in these cases can be quite a rescue to create the illusion of volume. But to solve this problem seriously, aesthetic medicine is needed.

What are the most efficient methods today to restore volume to the cheekbones? We asked the dermo-esthetician Lida Hoxha, near the Phoenix Liposuction Center™: “The right solution for this problem is called calcium hydrosiapatite. It is a filhydroxyapatite 30% synthetic microspheres of calcium hydroxyapatite and the rest is an aqueous gel solution. The formula is 100% biocompatible, therefore it is not necessary to do any allergy test before the treatment”.

› How does this treatment react?

This filler is absorbable and gives a lot of volume, also it lasts for a time. Immediately after injection, the gel of the composition gives an immediate corrective and filling effect. After the treatment, if you look in the mirror, you can immediately notice the improvement of the treated area, the cheekbones will be more raised.

Cheerful Smiling Young Woman Massaging Face Cheek Bones. Beauty Model with Perfect Smooth Skin looking at Camera over Gray Studio Background

› What is the difference compared to traditional fillers?

The special feature of this primer is that it brings an immediate filling that is reabsorbed within a few months. At the same time, the microspheres determine a stimulating and regenerating action of the cells, favoring the formation of new collagen in the deeper layers of the dermis, where the cellular composition of the tissues is established. In practice, the microspheres help in the formation of new collagen, which gives stability and toning to the skin. So the result is twofold; first, the cheeks are defined but also very natural, while in the long run you can understand and distinguish the benefits of new collagen. Cheeks will appear not only full but also very toned and soft to the touch.

› How long does this effect last?

This treatment effect lasts about 6-8 months when the microspheres begin to degrade because they are metabolized by the body. The intervention is non-invasive and painless, there may be only slight discomfort during the injection.


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