Combined Liposuction and Lipofilling

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Combined liposuction and lipofilling treatment for a perfect body

Combined liposuction and lipofilling? It might be a good idea to permanently eliminate the imperfections that diet and sports activities – always necessary to get back into shape – have not been able to correct. Liposuction and lipofilling are targeted and minimally invasive interventions for a natural and harmonious result: let’s see together how.

Liposuction or lipoaspiration: different names, the same intervention

Liposuction is a plastic-aesthetic surgery technique that allows you to aspirate – through thin cannulae – a part of localized fat (lipodystrophy) or rather generalized and more or less consistent. Lipodystrophy can be present in different areas of the body, in different concentrations: sometimes, unfortunately, physical exercise and a healthy and balanced diet are not enough to intervene and “dry” specific areas of our body and it becomes necessary to act from external, through a liposuction procedure.

Liposuction is the only intervention that removes – in a definitive way – the adipocytes, i.e. fat cells), improving the body profile, the harmony of the body, and the general lightness of our figure.

Weight gain after the liposuction procedure results in an enlargement of the residual fat cells, however, those removed through liposuction no longer reform.

Localized or generalized fat is sometimes not even linked to a weight problem: it is often a phenomenon subordinated to the genetic predisposition in the distribution of body fat.

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Excess fat affects men and women differently and accumulates in distinct areas of the body:

  • the woman tends to accumulate on the buttocks, hips, inner and outer thighs
  • man on the belly, on the pectorals, and the love handles

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and sudden weight loss, often also the cause of skin laxity, can contribute to the formation of annoying adiposity that is difficult to solve with diet and exercise.

Specific and targeted liposuction can in these cases become the best solution: your trusted plastic surgeon will be able to intervene in the best possible way and scrupulously and safely eliminate the areas that need it.

How does liposuction take place?

Liposuction takes place in a day hospital or with a one-night stay, depending on the extent of the intervention to be performed. Anesthesia can be local with light sedation or total: in the latter case, a night’s hospitalization under observation is recommended.

In any case, the liposuction surgery must be performed in a safe and certified facility, with a complete operating room, respecting the sterility and safety of the patient. During the operation, the surgeon makes an incision of about 3 mm, through which he introduces a thin cannula and at the same time injects a cold physiological solution in which a vasoconstrictor drug is diluted.

This happens to replenish the liquids lost during the surgery and it is therefore important to perform it with the utmost safety.

At the end of the surgery, the small incisions will be sutured and it will be verified that the aspiration has been homogeneous.

The residual pain is generally of a modest entity and can be well controlled with the analgesic drugs that the plastic surgeon prescribes in post-operative therapy. It is necessary to wear a containment sheath for about a month to promote homogeneous internal healing of the tissues and perfect remodeling and to remain at rest for the first 6-7 days.

Woman floating on a white inflatable in swimming pool in a pink bikini. She is tanned in turquoise water. She is wearing a blue bikini

Lipofilling or liposculpture

Exactly the opposite of liposuction, lipofilling involves the introduction of autologous fat (ie taken from the body itself) to fill empty areas. The fat located in one point can then be taken – adequately treated – and re-injected, becoming the “support” for a different area of ​​our body that requires it.

Increasing the volume of the cheekbones, lips or even breasts is possible without the introduction of prostheses or artificial products: plastic and aesthetic surgery can use the same resources of the body to balance and restore harmony to our body, with a natural effect, minimally invasive interventions and very satisfying results.

How does lipofilling take place?

The surgery is performed with local anesthesia and in a day hospital. Usually, the fat used for lipofilling is aspirated with thin cannulas: after centrifugation and preparation, it is injected – again through special devices – into the predetermined areas.

It is important to remember that, since it is autologous fat that is the patient herself, a certain percentage always tends to be reabsorbed within a few months of infiltration.

Often, therefore, to obtain optimal and long-lasting results, it is possible to repeat the operation after about 3-4 months. In the areas where the fat has been injected, there will be some physiological swelling that will last for about 10-15 days.

The perfect candidates for facial lipofilling are men and women who have imperfections related to the appearance of furrows and wrinkles, especially in the periorbital region and on the cheeks, with reduced definition of the mandibular profile or mental region. To retouch lips and cheekbones, lipofilling represents a valid alternative to fillers performed with absorbable products (hyaluronic acid) obtaining a more stable result over time. The post-surgery is neither painful nor heavy: a little swelling of the treated areas and a slight discomfort will appear and disappear in a few days.

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Breast lipofilling, exactly as it happens for the face, consists in taking the autologous tissue from parts of the body where it is localized and, after a suitable purification treatment and without adding substances extraneous to the body, it is implanted as if it were a filler inside the breast, with a microtunnel technique. This surgery, unlike prostheses, lasts a lifetime since it does not have an expiration date.

Breast lipofilling is ideal for those who want to increase their breasts by approximately one size to one size and a half.

In the areas where the fat has been collected, it will be essential to wear an elastic containment sheath to favor the best remodeling of the tissues and ensure that they can deflate earlier. The breast, on the other hand, must be left as free as possible without a bra to favor the engraftment of the implant adipose tissue.

Post-operative swelling and discomfort will be normal but can be addressed with normal pain relievers.

This is how the association of liposuction and lipofilling helps us satisfactorily and naturally to find the right harmony and the correct balance of our figure.


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