Correct without altering: the goal of Aesthetic Medicine!

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Raise your hand if you have not, at least once, wanted to change something about your body but without altering the basic harmony too much.

Not surprisingly, aesthetic medicine was born with this goal: to correct the physical defects that we cannot love in our bodies without intervening in an excessively drastic way. The main objective is not to change the physical balance of a person but to model the critical points, enhance those of strength and make the woman, but also the man, more confident, at ease, and perfectly aware of their own. charm.

So, on closer inspection, it is a real mantra deriving from a particular philosophical conception according to which a person finds his place in the world when he is comfortable with himself and with others. And it is precisely here that aesthetic medicine comes into play: small interventions studied in detail, not invasive and suitable for anyone who wants to feel better but in “their shoes”, without becoming another person.

Aesthetic medicine: starting from oneself to shine

Improving the quality of life of those who suffer from a blemish, of any kind, is the primary purpose of aesthetic medicine.

Thanks to targeted multidisciplinary treatments aesthetic medicine start from the reconstruction – often, however, also from a real construction – of a person’s psychophysical balance, eliminating or correcting the imperfection or defect and offering the patient a perspective. of completely new life. How? Helping him to eliminate the signs of aging due to aging, suggesting an intensive treatment for cellulite with specific and painless interventions, correcting a nose considered too important, removing those unwanted tattoos, or, even more simply, eliminating glasses through an intervention designed to correct myopia and astigmatism.

And it is precisely for all these reasons that we hear more and more often about aesthetic medicine, considered the fastest and most efficient vehicle to obtain an immediately visible healthier appearance.

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The first commandment of aesthetic medicine: never alter!

As we have just pointed out, the purpose of aesthetic medicine is to help a person feel comfortable but in their own skin.

The pages of the newspapers and the television broadcasts dedicated to the subject, in fact, have presented us with various irremediable and irreversible situations in which a person, after several cosmetic surgery operations, was no longer able to recognize himself. Wrong! Aesthetic medicine, unlike aesthetic plastic surgery, aims to correct dozens of defects and imperfections without running the risk of “changing the characteristics” of the patient who decides to rejuvenate or improve his physical appearance.

Rejuvenations and various retouching aim to be as natural as possible, thanks also to the use of increasingly sophisticated and innovative techniques suitable for any type of patient.

We will no longer see smooth porcelain doll faces, devoid of the slightest sign of aging or tiny wrinkles, but we will welcome a well-groomed, modeled, rejuvenated, and revitalized face.

In short, much healthier and more attractive.

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Fast and minimally invasive treatments with excellent results

What drives more and more people to rely on aesthetic medicine is the guarantee of obtaining excellent results while resorting to treatments that are not invasive at all.

Infini Phoenix Liposuction is a highly specialized clinic in the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery can amply explain, that these types of treatments are usually conducted without the use of anesthesia and without the need for the patient to be hospitalized.

Recovery becomes practically immediate, guaranteeing the patient an instant return to their occupations. Since these are less invasive interventions than those of plastic surgery, those of aesthetic medicine cannot generate permanent results. And this also depends on the type of substances used, today almost completely bio-compatible and respectful of the environment and the ecosystem.

Therefore, the interventions and touch-ups of aesthetic medicine can be repeated over time when the need to improve one’s appearance is once again felt.

Small strategies and small tricks, however, have the merit of helping you feel younger and more beautiful.


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