Cosmetic surgery: harmony of mental and physical beauty

A smiling blonde woman doing yoga with her eyes closed.

Cosmetic surgery is not a fashion where trends change twice a season. Even though the industry is inextricably linked with beauty, it does not have certain standards. It is worth admitting: that the understanding of beauty has changed. Modern patients are more interested in naturalness, not doll proportions.

Cosmetic surgery is designed to correct and change flaws that prevent a person from feeling free and beautiful. There is nothing terrible or shameful about it. But it is impossible to fit everyone under a copycat. The ideals suggested by Instagram, Facebook, and specialized forums cannot suit absolutely everyone. And this should be understood when coming to the surgeon.

We believe that there are no clear criteria for beauty, each person is individual and beautiful. One beautiful picture of the world is created from all the variety of faces and figures. The main thing is for a person to feel in harmony with himself and the world around him. Then he will be absolutely good for himself, and worrying about his appearance – a slightly uneven nose, the curve of the eyebrows, the size of the chest will remain without soil.

Beauty. For us, is a greater state of mind than external manifestations. You can have the most proportional and flawless figure, but not consider yourself beautiful. Satisfaction comes from within. In our work, we are guided by such a concept as patient satisfaction. Of course, there are standard concepts of face and body proportions, the principle of the golden section, and symmetry. The plastic surgeon’s rule is to observe them, as well as to help the patient realistically assess his appearance and correctly model the future result.

A smiling blonde woman doing yoga with her eyes closed.

Plastic surgery changes both the appearance and the state of mind. Sometimes it is more effective than talking to a psychologist. We have noticed more than once that after cosmetic surgery, a person changes not only externally, but radically changes internally. He becomes satisfied with himself, his life, and those around him.

We will give an example. We spoke with a patient who had breast augmentation six months ago. She said that she became a completely different person: she turned from a sad housewife into a businesswoman. We asked: What influenced you? She replied, “I didn’t feel pretty before.”

Striving for an ideal – naturally, a woman is created to attract and inspire. But we advise you to strive for harmony with yourself. Only then will a sense of beauty and mental balance appear. Love yourself and repeat more often that you are unique.


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