Double chin: how to correct it?

The double chin is a very common imperfection, generally caused by an excess of adipose fat under the jaw. Usually, overweight or obese people suffer from this problem, but it can also be present in those who have a normal weight.

Today the chances of treatment for this defect are varied and can be both medical and surgical.

Medical techniques for the treatment of double chin: deoxycholic acid, fractional radiofrequency and HIFUs

In the medical field, the simplest solution to the problem of the double chin is certainly that of injections of deoxycholic acid (a bile acid also produced by our liver). This drug is able to break down the phospholipid membrane of fat cells, breaking them down completely. In the early stages, a marked swelling develops in the treated area which gradually reabsorbs over 10-15 days. Treatments of this type can be carried out several times. The final result is fully appreciable after a few months.

This method should be reserved for patients with mild or moderate adiposity and with a toned skin, that is, which has a good ability to retract. Similarly, if the patient’s skin does not have good elasticity and tone, the final result would certainly not be pleasant.

To overcome this drawback, injections of deoxycholic acid can be associated with other treatments, such as fractional radiofrequency (an electromagnetic wave) and HIFU (ultrasound: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound). These newly developed procedures truly represent the last step before a surgical facelift. They consist of a sort of controlled damage to the skin and adipose tissue, which will be followed by a series of physiological processes, such as the creation of new collagen.

If the quantity of adipose tissue is really conspicuous, or if the skin excess and laxity are severe, it will be necessary to resort to surgery .


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