Face Liposuction

If excess facial fat on your cheeks, chin, or neck makes you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious, you may be a good candidate for facial liposuction. Fatty tissue around the face can be impossible to correct with lifestyle changes for some patients. Facial liposuction permanently removes unwanted fat from target areas.

Liposuction is a safe, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure with dramatic results. We cater to people of all shapes and sizes to help you achieve your body goals.

What is Face Liposuction?

Removing excess fat in the face and neck area can create a dramatic difference in the appearance of your facial contours. In addition, this minimally invasive treatment can help sculpt and define facial features and resolve common issues like a double chin, chubby cheeks, or an undefined jawline.

Facial liposuction permanently removes unwanted fat cells from your face. As a result, your face shape will slim down as you recover, leading to a more defined or sculpted profile or jawline. Facial lipo is performed similarly to liposuction on other parts of the body.

What’s the Procedure Like?

Face liposuction is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can go home after it’s done. The process takes around 30 minutes to 1 hour for most patients. First, the doctor will make pen marks in the treatment areas. Then you’ll receive some type of sedation or anesthetic. Usually, face liposuction is performed under local anesthesia. You will remain awake and alert throughout the treatment, but you will not feel pain. Local anesthesia is safer, easier, and less invasive than general anesthesia, where patients are asleep during the procedure.

Once you’re comfortable and the area is numb, the doctor will make several small incisions around the face depending on where you want to remove the excess fat. These tiny incisions allow the doctor to draw fatty tissue using a cannula. The cannula is like a small suction tube that helps make the fat tissue easier to remove. Incisions are usually made in well-hidden areas like the natural folds of your skin to reduce the risks of visible scarring.

Liposuction minimizes scarring compared to other forms of facial rejuvenation. More invasive facial plastic surgery like a neck lift procedure, facelift, or chin augmentation will likely leave more noticeable scarring.

Cheek Liposuction Versus Buccal Lipectomy

Face liposuction is different from other plastic surgery procedures like buccal lipectomy or cheek reduction surgery. While the goal of both procedures is to thin the cheeks, cheek reduction surgery is the removal of fat tissue in the cheek called the buccal fat pad.

Both procedures can permanently remove unwanted fat to create a slimmer face shape. If you have a lot of excess fat in the lower cheek region of the face, buccal fat removal may be a better option.

Who is a Good Candidate for Facial Liposuction?

Patients with excess neck fat or fatty tissue around the chin, jowls, or jawline but good skin elasticity are the best candidates for face lipo. Keep in mind this is not a treatment for obesity or a weight loss solution. It’s best if you’re within 30% of your ideal weight and have firm, elastic skin and good muscle tone. Some individuals with known medical conditions that can impair healing may not be good candidates. Additionally, ideal patients are non-smokers and lead a relatively healthy lifestyle.

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Immediate & Long-Term Recovery

Immediately after the procedure, you will probably experience soreness and swelling in and around your face. Some patients experience burning, numbness, or tingling around the incision site, but these symptoms usually resolve by themselves. Pain is typically minimal, and most patients use over-the-counter medications to help ease any discomfort. However, pain levels vary from person to person. Some patients do not require any pain medication, while others opt for prescription-strength painkillers.

You will also receive a compression garment after surgery. The tight-fitting garment fits over your head, covering your jaw and neck, and is used to help hold your skin taut while helping ease swelling and speed up the healing process. The compression garment must be worn according to your doctor’s aftercare instructions. Please keep in mind that you are not permitted to drive following your surgical procedure. Instead, we recommend organizing a ride home with a friend or family member.

Around 3 to 4 weeks post-op, a lot of the swelling should subside, and your cheeks should have a thinner, leaner appearance. You may notice some minor bruising as well during the healing process. This isn’t anything to worry about and should diminish as you continue to heal. Most patients return to the clinic for a post-op check to ensure the recovery is going as planned.

Work Time Off to Consider:

Most patients plan for an entire week off work. You should spend the week following your surgery resting and recuperating without engaging in any stressful physical activities. Only return to heavy or intense exercise when you have permission from your doctor. Engaging in physical activity too early post-op can have adverse side effects and delay the healing process.

Post-Op Scar Reduction:

Your scars will start to heal and mature in the next 6 to 12 months. The incision sites may appear red and elevated for 2 to 3 months post-op but should continue to fade and become soft, flat, and pale as your body continues to heal.

When Will You See Results?

Submental liposuction is excellent for removing fat deposits on your chin or face. While every patient is unique, the final results may be visible as early as three months after the procedure, while others may see the transformations in six months. It can take up to one year for the final effects to manifest. Once you’re fully healed, you will notice a sleeker-looking face and neck, a more defined facial muscle tone, and a more youthful, radiant look.

Not-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

There are alternatives to cosmetic surgery to achieve slimmer facial contours. For example, Kybella is an injectable to improve the look of fat beneath the chin by physically killing fat cells. This treatment works to melt away fat in the face that causes problems like a double chin. There is no recovery time for fillers.

However, you may not receive the same dramatic results as you would with surgery. If you don’t have a lot of excess fat and are looking for a more minimal change to your appearance, an alternative like fillers may be a good option.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

Like any cosmetic surgery, there are always risks involved. Some of the risks of facial liposuction include infection, asymmetry of the face, pigmentation changes, and decreased sensibility of the treatment areas. These side effects are usually rare and resolve on their own in most cases. If you experience side effects, they can usually be resolved with other medical interventions.

How Much Does Facial Lipo and Neck Liposuction Cost?

There isn’t a set or industry standard price for plastic surgery because every patient is unique. On average, liposuction costs around $3,000. However, a lot of factors like the technique used, the amount of fat you have, and the number of treatment areas can contribute to the overall cost.

Another thing to remember is liposuction is an elective cosmetic procedure, meaning your health insurance will not cover the cost. Because of this, we offer financing plans to help with the cost. If you’re putting off achieving your goals because you’re unable to pay up-front, ask us about financing during your consultation. We will work hard to create a payment plan that aligns with your aesthetic objectives, budget, and timeline.

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Facial liposuction is one of the best cosmetic procedures for sculpting the face. If you’re considering face lipo to help remove unwanted fatty tissue and improve your facial shape, book an initial consultation with us. During this consultation, be sure to let us know your problem areas and what you hope to accomplish with liposuction.

We do our best to craft unique treatment plans according to your needs. To ensure the best results, you’ll work closely with our doctors and staff members before, during, and after your treatment. We’re always here to help you along your journey.



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