Fat Transfer Cost

Fat extracted from your own body makes a safe, all-natural, and effective soft tissue filler. Body fat transfers can increase volume and reshape different areas of the body, including the hips, breasts, face, and buttocks.

Fat transfers are essentially targeting two problem areas with one procedure. Liposuction is used to slim areas of your body that you’re unhappy with, like the love handles or thighs, and fat injections fill in areas lacking volume, like the face, breast, or butt.

What is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is a minimally-invasive procedure that harvests your own fat to be reused in another part of your body. Fat transfer procedures use liposuction techniques to remove excess fat from problem areas like the tummy, arms, or legs and reinject it where you want more fullness.

Using a patient’s own fat (autologous fat transfers) to reshape a specific part of the body is safer than synthetic implants or dermal fillers, which pose health risks like rejection or allergic reactions.

How Are Fat Transfer Procedures Performed?

Fat transfers include extraction, purification, and injection. The fat grafting procedure begins with liposuction to extract fat. At Phoenix Liposuction, we use a local anesthetic to ensure you’re pain-free and comfortable from start to finish. Your doctor will use local anesthesia to gently extract unwanted fat cells from small incisions in the donor site using a cannula.

The fat cells are then sterilized and reinjected for augmentation or rejuvenation. The purification process eliminates damaged or unhealthy cells to help improve the success of the surgery. Fat injections are long-lasting and work exceptionally well to correct volume loss.

How to Decide on a Donor Site

Fat transfers require fatty tissue extracted from the body to perform the augmentation. Selecting the right donor site is important for the success of your enhancement.

The most common liposuction sites are listed below.

Tummy – The abdomen usually has excess unwanted fat, making it an ideal donor site. Sculpting the core also provides the added benefit of forming a more curvaceous figure.

Love Handles – Removing fat from your flanks and adding to your breast or bottom can achieve a slimmer, more uniform figure.

Thighs – Many patients undergoing a Mommy Makeover will remove unwanted fat in the thighs and re-inject it into the breasts or bottom.

Different Fat Transfer Procedures

Fat grafting can be used to enhance several body areas. Here’s a look at some of our most requested procedures.

  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Natural breast augmentation (without breast implants)
  • Mommy makeover
  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Breast lift
  • Buttock augmentation

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Fat Transfer?

Good candidates are men and women interested in enhancing a specific part of the body. Fat transfers create natural-looking enhancements to reshape, contour, or correct areas you’re not happy with. Ideal candidates for any cosmetic procedure should be in good physical health and have realistic expectations about the results. Book a consultation with us today to find out if you’re a candidate for cosmetic surgery.

If you have a significant amount of loose skin, you may benefit from a more invasive surgery like a tummy tuck with fat transfer to achieve your desired results.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

You can increase your breast size without breast implants. Natural breast augmentation with fat injections creates more soft, subtle, natural-looking results than more invasive plastic surgery. In addition, fat grafting can enhance your breasts’ size, shape, and contour without the risks accompanying breast augmentation with breast implants.

Some patients also opt for breast reconstruction surgery using their own fat. This works exceptionally well to enhance outcomes of breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

How Long Does Fat Transfer Last?

Your results should be long-lasting. Extracted fat shouldn’t come back if you maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. However, some patients may need repeated treatments to reach optimal volume and maintain results.

When Will You See Results?

Swelling and bruising are typical and may last for a few weeks. You will notice a change after surgery, and the results will get better over the next couple of weeks. Once the swelling subsides, you’re left with fullness in the transfer site and a slimmer appearance in the donor sites.

 How Much Does a Fat Transfer Cost?

Surgery costs will vary based on the areas being treated, the volume of fat collected and transferred, and the number of procedures needed to achieve your desired results. Here’s a quick breakdown of typical price points.

  • Natural breast augmentation with fat transfer: $3,500 to $5,000
  • BBL: $9,500 to $10,000

Costs associated with a fat transfer include the following:

  • Doctor’s fee
  • Facility costs
  • Local anesthesia fees
  • Medications
  • Post-surgery garments

You’ll receive a price quote unique to your needs and goals during your consultation. Our physicians create personalized treatment plans for optimal results. Our team will go over all fat transfer costs and payment options before your surgery day. We’ll also work with you to help select a convenient and affordable way to access the medical treatments you want.

Please book a consultation at Phoenix Liposuction today for a personalized price quote.

Learn More About Fat Grafting

If you’re considering fat removal and augmentation, you probably have many questions regarding the results, recovery, and price. So call us today to book a meeting and start your body-positive journey.



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