Finding the Perfect Post-Surgery Bra: Tips for Breast Augmentation Patients


Choosing the right bra after breast implant surgery is important for your comfort and to ensure that your implants heal properly. A post-surgical bra is designed to provide support and stability, as well as reduce swelling and bruising. It also helps maintain the desired shape of your new breasts while they heal. There are several benefits to wearing a post-surgical bra, so it’s important to get fitted for one soon after your surgery.

Benefits of Post-Surgical Bras

Post-surgical bras can help maintain the position of your implants and minimize movement during recovery. They also offer compression which can help reduce swelling and bruising, while providing extra support in the areas where you need it most. Additionally, these bras can be worn day or night, helping you feel more secure and comfortable throughout the healing process.

Tips for Buying Bras After Your Breast Augmentation

When shopping for a post-surgical bra, look for one with adjustable straps and a wide band under the bust line that will provide extra support. You should also consider buying two or three bras so that you have enough time to launder them between wearings. When trying on bras, make sure they fit snugly but not too tight — if it’s too tight it could restrict blood flow or cause discomfort. You may want to try on different styles until you find one that fits comfortably and provides the support you need.

Finally, keep in mind that it may take several weeks before you know what size bra will best suit your body after breast augmentation surgery. It’s important to wait until all swelling has gone down before making any final decisions about size or style of bras. If possible, wait at least six weeks before purchasing a permanent bra for everyday wear.

Get professionally fitted for a bra post-surgery, try different brands for the best fit, purchase full-coverage bras with wide straps and an underwire, wait until swelling has gone down before buying.

Are You Wearing the Correct Size?

After breast implant surgery, it is essential to wear the correct size of bra. It is important to get professionally fitted for a bra post-surgery. This ensures that your breasts are supported properly and that you have the right amount of coverage. Getting fitted can be done in a store or online. If you are getting fitted in-store, it is important to wear a thin t-shirt and a non-padded bra so that your measurements can be taken accurately.

Getting Professionally Fitted

When getting fitted, the fitter will measure around your rib cage and above your bust. They may also measure across your bust and check for any lumps or bumps that may have been caused by the implant. The measurements taken will then be used to determine which size bra would fit best. It is important to remember that sizes vary from brand to brand, so it’s best to try on different brands until you find one that fits comfortably.

Flattering Styles of Bras to Purchase

When looking for bras after breast augmentation surgery, there are certain styles that will flatter your new look better than others. A full-coverage bra with wide straps and an underwire provides more support than other styles, such as balconette or demi bras which have less coverage. Additionally, push-up bras can help create a fuller shape and enhance cleavage if desired.

Waiting Until Swelling Has Gone Down

It is recommended to wait at least two weeks after surgery before purchasing bras as swelling can affect how they fit. During this time, it is advised to wear a post-surgical compression garment which will provide extra support while you recover from surgery. Once the swelling has gone down, you can begin shopping for bras in earnest knowing that you have the correct measurements and know what style will suit your new look best!

Interested in Breast Surgery?

If you’re considering breast surgery, you may be wondering what options are available to you. From breast augmentation and reduction to mastopexy (breast lift), there is a range of procedures to choose from that can help restore or enhance your breasts.

Range of Breast Procedures

Breast augmentation is the most popular type of breast surgery. It involves inserting implants into the breasts to increase size and fullness. This procedure can also be used to correct asymmetrical breasts or improve the shape of sagging breasts.

Breast reduction surgery is designed for women who have overly large, heavy breasts that cause physical discomfort or embarrassment. The procedure removes excess fat, skin, and glandular tissue from the breasts to reduce their size and make them more proportionate with the rest of the body.

Mastopexy (breast lift) is a surgical procedure designed to raise and reshape sagging breasts that have lost volume due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, or natural aging processes. This procedure can also reduce the size of stretched areolas and reposition them higher on the chest wall.

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