Get rid of the Love Handles

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Say goodbye to fat accumulations

Getting rid of love handles isn’t extremely easy, but with the right precautions and changing a few habits you can get great results. Every person has points of accumulation of fat: usually, women accumulate on the belly and thighs, men instead on the belly and lower back. Many measures can be taken to reduce fat accumulations, first of all, a targeted physical activity and a balanced diet but sometimes also the use of creams or supplements.

Love handles

The love handles, despite the term sweet and romantic, are the most common imperfection but are also hated by men and women. They consist of accumulations of fat, the classic rolls, which appear on the lower abdomen and back, widening the silhouette.

It is an area where fat accumulates by nature so bad habits, protracted over time, cause fat to accumulate even faster. Getting rid of love handles is possible, but it takes determination and persistence.

Love handles women

Although love handles are imperfections that both men and women have in common, the latter is more prone to accumulating fat on the lower abdomen. After 40-45 years the metabolism tends to slow down and the disposal processes are longer. Also, menopause, by raising testosterone levels, prevents the body from shedding and burning fat at the rate it used to.

The excess fat localized in this area is therefore caused by various factors, some external, such as sports and nutrition, but also genetic or hormonal predispositions. In addition to an aesthetic factor, the effects that excess fat can have on our body must be taken into consideration; that is why it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle regardless of the physical shape you want to achieve.

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How to get rid of love handles in women

Eliminating fat located on the abdomen is not an easy task because it must be taken into account that, before seeing the results on the lower abdomen, the first areas to decrease in circumference are the hips, thighs, and buttocks.
Targeted training is not impossible, but it requires a lot of patience, good professionals, specific exercises, and constant and prolonged physical efforts.
All this must be associated with good food practices: many small measures that improve the quality of life, sleep, and consequently physical well-being.

Abdominal fat

Having good eating habits is the first step in returning to excellent health. A perfect body is not always synonymous with good health. There are several ways to get back in shape; being followed by a good nutritionist or a good personal trainer certainly speeds up the process and helps to obtain concrete results as soon as possible. Do-it-yourself, however, is always a more risky choice: results are often slow in coming or not at all.

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How to get rid of love handles

To get rid of love handles, you can get help from slimming supplements and creams, which, however, if not combined with a balanced diet and physical activity, are nothing short of ineffective. The supplements act directly on the metabolism, they help the body to use up energy faster and consequently burn fat faster.

The creams, on the other hand, mitigate blemishes: the result is a more compact and firmer skin. The application stimulates the body to produce heat, capable of eliminating and dissolving fat reserves.
When all this does not work, aesthetic medicine is a valid solution.

The remedies of aesthetic medicine

To date, aesthetic clinics offer various soft treatments that shape and tone the body. The new techniques allow obtaining appreciable and stable results over time without frustration or fatigue.

The most requested treatments are:

  1. Sculpsure, the latest generation laser that dissolves fat deposits;
  2. lipofilling and liposculpture that allow obtaining a remodeling of the body through the localized removal of adipose accumulations.
  3. Aqualyx, the painless treatment that fights and eliminates cellulite and localized fat;
  4. Onda Coolwaves, the new microwave technology that stimulates collagen production and melts excess fat through heat


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