Gluteoplasty gives a high and toned lower back

Buttocks with a toned and youthful appearance are increasingly considered symbols of femininity and physical shape, and thanks to gluteoplasty it is possible to redefine and shape this part of the body.

Patients who undergo gluteoplasty surgery want to increase the volume of their buttocks, or find themselves with a poorly toned tissue due to weight loss or aging, or have a disproportionate backside compared to the rest of the body.

The goal of gluteoplasty is to correct and shape flat or emptied buttocks and obtain a more defined, round and toned shape. In fact, gluteoplasty corrects various imperfections: shapes flat buttocks, corrects sagging skin and lifts sagging buttocks. Body surgery for enlargement and firming of the buttocks can be divided into:

  • Gluteoplasty with lipofilling: it is a body surgery procedure particularly indicated in patients with a good availability of fat to be sucked in other areas of the body,
  • Gluteoplasty with prosthesis: a body surgery operation through a small vertical incision hidden between the two buttocks.

The main advantages of this technique are predictability of the result, optimal maintenance over time and the very soft and natural consistency of the result. One of the most common anesthesia to perform this type of surgery is the epidural with sedation, thanks to which the patient can remain perfectly awake throughout the procedure. As far as the post-operative course is concerned, it is quite easy, and from the day following the operation it is possible to get into a seated position .

Buttock augmentation surgery has become a rather popular operation especially in countries such as Italy, Colombia and Brazil but also in the United States it is arousing more and more curiosity.


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