How to Rejuvenate Facial Skin

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The face is our business card and tells our story, it is the first thing that generally sees those who know us for the first time. And it is an open book for those who have known us for a long time.

Unfortunately, this part of the body is also the first to show the passage of time: wrinkles, spots, skin that relaxes and loses its tone; this is because it is subject to many stresses on our part, with our more or less right habits, and on the part of external agents, primarily pollution and atmospheric phenomena.

In reality, a few small daily rules are enough to limit in a way the negative effect of time. So here’s how to rejuvenate the skin on the face.

How to rejuvenate the skin with daily rules

Sleeping to rest even the skin on our face

  • The optimum would be to sleep at least 7 and a half hours a night. Sleep is a cure-all for the whole body, it allows us to face the day with more energy, and for our skin to regenerate and stay young and healthy over time.
  • Sleeping little or badly promotes the production of cortisol, the stress hormone, and inhibits the production of collagen, a protein that keeps the skin smooth and firm. The result is dull skin, with small wrinkles and dark circles.
  • Unfortunately, sleeping the necessary is not always easy, because often work, bad habits, or even our minds prevent it.
  • If for some people it would be enough to get used to dedicating the right time to rest, for others, especially with hyperactive minds, it is the body itself that is unable to relax, for this, there are simple remedies, activities, and sports that can help us.

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Herbal tea to improve rest and keep the skin of the face young

Many herbal teas can help us improve sleep by acting on the factors that disturb it, among the most common stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

The most common herbal teas to combat insomnia and allow psycho-physical relaxation are:

  • melissa,
  • valerian,
  • verbena,
  • hop
  • and, of course, chamomile.

Perfume the bedroom to promote rest and regeneration of the skin of the face

It is excellent to keep a room diffuser in the room or even sprinkle the pillowcase with a few drops of these fragrances.

The most common to eliminate anxiety and stress: are lavender, rose, and jasmine.

Cherry juice in summer …

Cherry juice contains melatonin in sufficient quantity to be able to regulate the sleep/wake rhythm.


Some disciplines and aerobic physical activity improve the quality of sleep, as well as positively influence the mood and vitality of the person who practices them.

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Sports are known to relax the mind and body are:


Stretching is the psycho-physical relaxation activity par excellence, whose main objective is to recover the elasticity of the body before and after a workout, but also as a discipline in itself by coordinating muscle relaxation and breathing rate.


Yoga is undoubtedly the most popular relaxing activity… .and the most fashionable.


Taichi, although much older, has not spread like yoga, but it brings many benefits to the person who practices it through slow movements that aim to make the most of internal energy.


Pilates is a discipline that is spreading more insistently in recent years. It differs from other relaxing activities as it places greater emphasis on muscle toning.

In reality, any sport helps to achieve the goal, as long as it is done with a certain intensity. On the condition that it is practiced before dinner time so that the release of adrenaline is absorbed and the opposite effect does not occur.

Apply a good face cream consistently

It seems trivial, or perhaps obvious, but it is not. Choosing the right cream allows you to have a daily ally on how to rejuvenate your face.

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A good face cream must have a targeted action, in particular, it must be rich in:

Identifiers: collagen. The main protein of the epidermis represents 80% of the proteins present in the dermis and forms the foundation of the skin giving it fullness and firmness. Over time, the ability of the dermis to produce collagen is reduced by 75%: this is why it should be replenished.

Antioxidants: Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These vitamins are known for their antioxidant capacity.

Moisturizers: hyaluronic acid, panthenol, or allantoin.

Nutrients: vegetable oils.

How to rejuvenate your face by eating healthy too

Proper nutrition is the easiest and fastest way to stay healthy, just make the right choices.

The most suitable diet to improve the skin of the face and counteract skin aging is rich in products deriving from the plant world. I would suggest having plant products represent at least 70% of the volume of what we eat.

The diet that turns out to be a friend of our skin must never be lacking in:

  •  Vegetable. The best source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The idea is to vary as much as possible to enjoy the benefits of all varieties. Respecting the seasons. This allows us to have fresher vegetables. Essential to have the highest nutrient content when they arrive on our table. For the same reason, prefer it raw as much as possible
  • Fruit, preferring the not-too-sweet one.
  • Still to remember legumes such as beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas, and soy which, in particular, contain powerful antioxidants, such as vitamin E, and bioflavonoids to keep the skin healthy and counteract cell degeneration. In addition to being rich in fiber. And of decent vegetable proteins. To be completed with wholemeal cereals, if possible, to optimize their use.

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Then make way for proteins:  fish, eggs, dried fruit, and oil seeds, especially walnuts and flax seeds, very rich in omega 3 essential for a hydrated, nourished, and compact skin. Walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, and almonds promote the production of collagen, as well as being very rich in selenium, but also copper, vitamin E, and unsaturated fatty acids.

Instead, avoid red meats as much as possible (especially if cooked at high temperatures) and sausages. Also, limit dairy products. Excellent for weighing down our digestion.

For a diet designed for the skin (but also for our general aging), I would give a clear cut to foods rich in rapidly assimilating carbohydrates. So no to refined industrial products with treated flours such as pasta and white rice, bread, biscuits, various sweets, and sugary drinks.

How to rejuvenate the skin of the face by hydrating

Nothing of what has just been saying is valid if there is not the right hydration. It is the substrate for all chemical reactions to take place.

Poorly hydrated skin is immediately noticeable for being very dry. Wrinkles (for those who have them) tend to be seen more.

Water, herbal teas, fruit juices (not of industrial production, rich in added sugars), tea. Everything is used for the daily calculation which is recommended to be at least one and a half liters. Much more for those who play sports of course.

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Avoid smoking and alcohol to avoid damaging the skin on your face

  • Alcohol causes a dilation of the veins and a decrease in the elasticity of the skin, this is the cause of the appearance of redness, swelling, and skin spots. Furthermore, alcoholic beverages cause dehydration and loss of vitamins A and E, essential antioxidants that have the function of slowing the aging of the skin cells and therefore the onset of wrinkles.
  • A smoker’s skin is constantly hypo-oxygenated due to the vasoconstriction of the superficial circulation. Therefore, smoking makes the skin dull and yellow often accompanied by spots and other imperfections such as blackheads and capillary problems. It is a skin with a lack of elastic fibers and collagen. That’s why wrinkles are formed more easily.

Limit sun exposure to avoid damage to the face

The sun, if taken in moderation, at the right times, and with due protection, is not harmful to our skin, on the contrary, it brings significant improvements from a psychophysical point of view.

The good part of the sun allows us to fill up on vitamin D and melatonin, optimize the regulation of the sleep/wake rhythm, and the maintenance of body temperature.

In recent years the focus on sun damage has grown and the answers have multiplied, just see how higher quality face creams have introduced sun protection.

Limiting the sun’s rays that affect our skin means limiting the formation of free radicals responsible for oxidative stress, as well as wrinkles, face spots, and diseases such as skin cancer.

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The sun together with the smoke joins devastating forces. The effects are cumulative and usually begin to notice after age 40. It is not uncommon for these patients to have skin with signs of aging typical of those who should be 15 or 20 years older.

If you don’t like your face anymore, contact me, we will see together how to make improvements.


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