Liposuction: All the questions to ask during the first visit

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Will liposuction give me curves in the right places? Should I have a Lipo or a tummy tuck to have a flat stomach? What happens if I gain weight after cosmetic surgery?

There are many questions to ask the cosmetic surgeon if you are considering undergoing a Liposuction. It is important to ask questions to understand if the surgery will meet your expectations but also to be sure of the qualifications and experience of the chosen doctor and to understand the advantages and limitations of the procedure.

Here are some questions to ask during your consultation that will help you determine if the surgical procedure is right for you.

What qualifications do you have?

It is recommended that you research the plastic surgeon and his or her experience before booking a consultation. It is important to clarify the experience in the field of liposuction, but also the experience in the other fields of cosmetic surgery.

How many liposuction procedures have been performed?

It is important to choose a cosmetic surgeon who has extensive experience in liposculpture and body contouring; remember, the results of your cosmetic surgery are a direct result of your surgeon’s work.

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Where will the liposuction surgery take place?

Although liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure, it must still be performed in a clinic and the operating room, to guarantee high standards of safety and hygiene.

Based on my goals, is this the right procedure for me?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that is suitable for a large variety of patients who wish to shed excess fat. However, not all patients are the best candidates for liposuction surgery. This may be due to their medical history, skin quality, or weight loss expectations.

It is important to have a frank conversation with your surgeon to ascertain if  liposuction is the right option for you and your goals. In some cases, abdominoplasty or skin lifting surgery may be better.

Can I see before and after photos of similar cases?

Before and after photos of similar cases can be a great way to feel confident that your surgeon can deliver results that you will be happy with. However, we must always remember that each individual is different and responds to surgery differently.

What are the advantages of lipo?

Ask your surgeon about the benefits of liposuction with ultrasound technology over other procedures, such as traditional liposuction, so that you can have a detailed understanding of the procedure. Even if you have conducted your research, it is helpful to have the benefits explained in detail and on an individual patient basis.

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What are the limitations of liposuction?

Like any cosmetic surgery procedure, lipo has its limits on what you can and cannot achieve. The procedure removes excess fatty tissue and can improve skin tone, but it does not remove excess skin nor is it effective in severe sagging skin. We recommend that you understand the limitations to ensure that you get the most benefit from the surgery.

Are there any risks associated with this cosmetic procedure?

You must be aware of any risks associated with liposuction before having surgery. Once you understand the possible complications, you can calmly decide if the liposculpture procedure is right for you.


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