Liposuction and fat grafting help women with mastectomy

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A new method of breast reconstruction after mastectomy, which involves liposuction and implantation of the fat with the help of stem cells, has recently begun to be developed. Fat that has been taken from the stomach area or thighs is taken by the method of liposuction. This fat is treated with stem cells, which help it survive, and is placed in the place of the deficit in the breast.

The main problem with fat grafting is that most of this fat is absorbed by the body. For this reason, the treatment of fat with stem cells helps that a greater percentage of it survives and is therefore not absorbed. This fat is then injected into the breast area in women who have undergone a mastectomy due to some malignancy in this organ. This procedure seems to be much less traumatic for the person on whom it is performed than the classic methods of breast reconstruction.

People who underwent it had a much better recovery time and just as good or sometimes better results. The chances of complications on the other hand were much lower. The process of collecting the stem cells is done with a special machine.

This machine uses a special enzyme to dissolve fat tissue and increase the concentration of stem cells. The collected material contains growth factors, which help to develop blood vessels. The development of these vessels is very important for the survival of the fat.

The first people, to whom the technique was applied, had a very good result and they declared themselves enthusiastic about this technique. Their psyche improved, proving once again how important the breast is for a woman’s psychology.


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