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Liposuction is one of the methods of cosmetic surgery aimed at shaping the aesthetic contours of the body.

The cost of liposuction depends on several factors. The price of surgery can be different for two people, even if they have similar needs.

Liposuction price — what could be the factors?

The number of operated zones. This factor will have a big impact on the total. Adding even a small extra area can double the total cost.

The price for correction of some areas is higher compared to others. For example, breast and back surgeries are likely to cost more than arm liposuction due to their increased surface area.

However, this condition is not correct for all patients. Some people are genetically more prone to the deposition of fatty tissues under the skin, which is why the usually inexpensive procedures will take longer to complete.

Cropped view of slim Indian woman measuring her waist with tape measure at home, closeup. Unrecognizable Asian lady checking result of weight loss diet or liposuction indoors

The experience of the surgeon and the cost of liposuction. The work of plastic surgeons with extensive experience is highly valued. This is not to say that less experienced surgeons cannot achieve good results, it takes time to hone skills and develop an aesthetic vision.

Scope of the operation. The amount of fat deposits, for example, on the stomach, is different for all people. This factor affects the duration of liposuction and the amount of work. Therefore, it is impossible to estimate the cost of surgery in a particular area without taking into account how much tissue will be removed.

Region — liposuction in Phoenix price. The cost of liposuction is higher in some regions. Big cities usually have the highest prices for plastic surgery. At the same time, good specialists usually leave small towns to have more opportunities for professional and financial development. Therefore, when choosing a doctor, it is better to focus on his qualifications, and not on the region. The work of a plastic surgeon should be evaluated, paying attention to how skillfully he performs liposuction.



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