Modern trends in Cosmetic surgery

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Cosmetic Surgery does not stand still, it develops and becomes more and more popular every day. To some extent, cosmetics can be considered a fashion, because certain trends stand out from year to year.

Today, patients have become more knowledgeable. They prefer harmonious forms, minimally invasive operations and, if there is an opportunity and indication, they try to combine surgical interventions. Based on our experience, we share the latest trends in plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Striving for naturalness

More and more patients choose natural beauty. At its peak, breast enlargement by 1-2 sizes for maximum naturalness. The main criterion is harmonious forms that emphasize the figure. I am very close to this trend. We believe that a surgeon should keep it a mystery so that others can’t figure out whether the patient made breast augmentation or it’s a gift from nature!

The desire for naturalness also applies to such an operation as rhinoplasty (nose surgery). Dummy noses are a thing of the past. Patients want to correct their noses, but at the same time preserve their individuality. The specialist models changes based on the original appearance.

Minimally invasive operations

Patients prefer injection operations – injections of the drug Dysport, fillers based on hyaluronic acid, etc. If surgical intervention is required, the choice falls on minimally invasive methods. Modern cosmetic surgery offers lipofilling and liposculpture.

In simple terms, lipofilling is a transplant of the patient’s fat tissue. For example, in the face or hands. The main advantage of the technique is that adipose tissue takes root well without causing rejection and allergic reactions. And most importantly, it does NOT dissolve over time, like fillers.

Liposculpture combines liposuction and lipofilling. Essentially, adipose tissue is taken from where it is not needed (breeches, sides, stomach) and transferred to where it is lacking. The most popular area for liposculpture is the buttocks. After these operations, the rehabilitation period is minimized, and there are no visible traces of the intervention. The result is constant in the absence of sharp fluctuations.

Combined operations

An ideal figure after pregnancy and weight loss is an accessible reality thanks to the fact that plastic surgery offers a “combination” of interventions.

Breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, combined surgery (breast augmentation and/or breast lift + tummy tuck) – all of these give the same wow effect! Modern plastic surgery makes it possible to combine breast augmentation and rhinoplasty; tummy tuck and liposuction; facelift and blepharoplasty.

Combined operations have advantages and solve several problems at once:

  • the patient undergoes one comprehensive examination, followed by one period of rehabilitation;
  • the risk of complications is reduced. The body is exposed to anesthesia once.

Today, cosmetic surgery improves the quality of life! Decide on the long-awaited changes and come for a consultation at Phoenix Liposuction Center™.


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