Mommy Makeover: get back in Shape after Giving Birth

The Mommy Makover is the set of surgical procedures designed for new mothers, because seeing yourself beautiful again and accepting your body again is one of the prerogatives of women who have recently given birth.

The techniques and results of the Mommy makeover

It is difficult for a woman to dedicate time to herself after going through months of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding … And having to resume the old and healthy habits of sports, diet and cosmetic treatments.

Physical changes in 9 months of pregnancy can be many:

  • Relaxed apron-like abdomen;
  • Fatty abdomen ;
  • Inner thighs adipose;
  • Relaxed thighs;
  • Fat legs, buttocks and thighs;
  • Too bulky breasts ;
  • Stretch marks on the breasts, abdomen, thighs and arms;
  • Increased water retention;
  • Emptied and sagging breasts.

The choice, for new mothers, to rely on plastic surgery to return sensual and more self-confident, in a short time and without many sacrifices, is increasingly widespread .

Cosmetic surgery is a choice of physical but also and above all psychological necessity , to gain self-confidence and, why not, wear again those cute and tight clothes, hidden for some time in the closet.

The restyling chosen for mothers takes, not surprisingly, the definition Mommy Makeover , which means a combination of surgical procedures designed specifically for young mothers .

Relying on a balanced diet and playing sports assiduously do not always manage to reshape the body of a mother who has undergone important changes after a pregnancy.

Surgical resurfacing is an excellent, quick, safe and extremely effective solution.

Useful tips before undergoing the Mommy Makeover

This combination of surgeries will be established in the preliminary visit between the patient and the plastic surgeon.

Among the most requested interventions are:

It is advisable to wait a period of about 6 months, after giving birth, to be able to undergo the remodeling of the body, giving the body the right time to settle down after childbirth.

It is also advisable to carry out the Mommy Makeover at the end of breastfeeding.

If many pounds have accumulated, the plastic surgeon may suggest that the patient lose weight in the months leading up to the surgery.

After defining with the patient the areas of the body to be changed and the required objectives, the surgeon can, with his team, set the date for the Mommy Makeover .

What are the interventions foreseen in the Mommy Makeover

Abdominoplasty is one of the interventions that fall within this surgical trend and the purpose of this technique is to get back a slender, flat and smooth stomach.

Among the defects present on the abdomen, to be eliminated, there are:

  • The residual bacon (fat);
  • La diastasis of the rectum (the separation of the two rectus muscles of the abdomen);
  • Excess skin;
  • Stretch marks.

The surgery can be performed with incisions from one side to the other, also operating in the lower back area (therefore complete surgery), or you can evaluate the mini-abdominoplasty. The abdominoplasty surgery can be combined with liposuction of the hips and abdomen to also eliminate the so-called love handles.

Breast augmentation is one of the possible surgical combinations in the Mommy Makeover, in which the breast and the volume associated with it are involved. Lipofilling or a breast prosthesis implant can be added to this procedure .

In the case of an increase in volume, the operation is defined as additive mammoplasty , in the case of reduction, on the other hand, reductive mammoplasty . In breast reduction, the breasts will appear smaller, lighter and proportionate to the rest of the body.

The intervention aims to:

  • breast augmentation through the use of implants;
  • reshape the breast;
  • re-establish symmetries.

The mastopexy or breast lifting is the procedure that instead serves to lift the breasts, give a sense of rejuvenation to the breast, in its aesthetics. It is also possible to carry out Liposuction and Liposculpture to eliminate accumulations of fat.

Liposculpture can:

  • remove excess fat;
  • stimulate skin retraction, thanks to the elimination of fat cells.

A further intervention to be added is the:

  • genital rejuvenation.

In fact, pregnancy brings changes in the female genital area such as:

  • stretching of the labia minora;
  • reduction in the volume of the labia majora;
  • atrophy of the vagina.

Even the buttocks undergo important changes, so it may be useful to carry out:

  • gluteoplasty, i.e. the augmentation of the buttocks through the insertion of prostheses.

The results of the Mommy Makeover and the post-operative

The result of this type of surgery is highly effective in countering the imperfections of pregnancy . Among the expected results, the psychological one will be of great importance, and new mothers will feel at ease again, living better in their original body.

Mommy Makeover is recommended for all new mothers between 25 and 45 years, who have greater difficulty in making the skin firm again and in losing localized fat.


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