Myths in plastic and cosmetic surgery

Doctor sitting at a desk and writing a prescription for her patient

We have always been interested in how myths are born. Because of this, many patients have a misconception about cosmetic surgery. This gives rise to rumors and unfounded fears. We want to dispel myths about plastic surgery, which are far-fetched and unfounded.

Big breasts are beautiful!

I constantly talk about the fact that there are no clear criteria for beauty in medicine. A plastic surgeon focuses on the wishes of patients. And one of the indicators of the success of the operation is the satisfaction of the person. Big breasts are visually beautiful. For its owner, this is a certain discomfort: strain on the spine, chafing from bra straps, etc.

After breast augmentation, you can breastfeed

She noted that myths about plastic surgery are constantly associated with some prohibitions. For example, many girls believe that after increasing their breasts, they will lose the ability to breastfeed.
I answer: after breast augmentation, the girl will be able to breastfeed. ! The implant is placed either under the gland or under the pectoralis major muscle. During surgical intervention, the milk ducts are not touched, so the young mother retains the ability to breastfeed naturally.

Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) improves vision

Eyelid lifting surgery cannot impair vision. Vice versa. Many patients noted that they improved after blepharoplasty.
When there is a drooping eyelid, a person has to constantly strain the muscles, so the eyes tire quickly. By removing the skin on the upper eyelid, the field of view opens up and it becomes much easier to see.

Otoplasty (ear plastic) and hearing

Otoplasty involves the correction of the auricle, while it does not affect the inner ear and eardrum – thanks to which we hear. The function of the auricle is exclusively protection from dust, water, etc.

Cosmetic surgery without scars

Scars are an integral part of any surgical intervention. Another question is how the postoperative scars look. The surgeon makes them as thin as possible and hidden from prying eyes. For example, with axillary breast augmentation. The scar is located in the armpit and is completely invisible to others.

In any case, after plastic or cosmetic surgery, a scar remains, which will lighten over time and turn into a “cat scratch”. So don’t be afraid of scars.


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