Our neck deconstructs our age, it is also the fault of smartphones

Сlose-up of young woman's neck with wrinkles before and after treatment. Result of cosmetic rejuvenating procedures. Lines, age-related changes, Venus rings. A neck lift, collagen injections, skincare

Neck with wrinkles and without toning before turning 40 years old? it is also the fault of technology. Here’s what we have to do to repair some problems that arise with this so important and so apparent part of our body. Recent studies show that a large part of wrinkles and loss of tone in the neck in women under 40 years old is due to checking the phone time after time. One of the corrections that can be made is a correct cosmetic routine and new specific beauty formulas for the area that goes from the chin to the cleavage. If your care routine is limited to the face, you are wrong because the structure of the skin of the neck and décolleté is much thinner and more fragile than that of the face. After all, it has a lower percentage of fat. The same applies to melanistic; cells that produce a tan, the pigment, which naturally protects the skin from the sun, which is less in the chin and neck area compared to the face. Therefore, this area has a higher sensitivity to the sun and atmospheric agents, and as a result, a greater predisposition to aging.

› Tech Neck

Not only that, the problem of neck wrinkles has increased in the last 10 years as a result of the large use of tablets and smartphones, thus turning into an aesthetic problem that affects women at a young age. Lowering your head to read, an action that is done 150 times in 24 hours, creates lines on the neck. It is even strange that famous and young actresses are in great shape except for the neck. One of the simplest tips given in this case is to use the products you use for your face in large quantities on your neck as well, gently massaging it from the bottom up, that is, from the décolleté to the chin.

› Fitness

Do not hesitate to enroll in a yoga course to adjust your posture and tone your tissues. It is no coincidence that many famous actresses and in very good physical shape use yoga.

› Aesthetic treatments and interventions

Finally, if the bull is now serious, aesthetics will help you. There are several treatments for the neck. First of all, the plasma injection is very efficient, because it regenerates the skin tissue by feeding it with the body’s blood. Then it is recommended to use Silhouette Soft or to place some threads under the skin, which then tightens the entire neck, with a very good and long-lasting result. There are also combined treatments according to the specifics and needs of the individual. Also, another very efficient treatment is the one with the Fraxel laser, which straightens neck wrinkles. And finally, if the patient has a serious problem with the neck and is around 50 or more, the best solution is lifting, which makes the full extension of the skin, bringing you even decades back in time.


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