Plant techniques based on collagen or hyaluronic acid

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Over time, changes occur in the face. The skin thins and loses elasticity. Against the typical signs of aging, and wrinkles, today there are techniques of aesthetic medicine, which with simple plants at the level of the dermis and with some substances, significantly reduce these imperfections. An alternative is plastic surgery, such as lifting, which allows to reposition of the tissues weakened by aging and which tend to fall.

› Wrinkles

There are 2 categories:
1. Facial expression wrinkles (expression wrinkles). These wrinkles are created by the impoverishment of the skin with important components such as collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Not only aging is responsible for these types of wrinkles, but they are also created at a young age by muscle movement.

2. Wrinkles and signs that come from aging accompanied by a decline in profile. These come from the decrease in elasticity and tone of the skin. These wrinkles are created especially in the area around the eyes, cheekbones, mouth, and profile.

› Plant techniques

The treatment of wrinkles is done with two techniques:

– linear tunneling technique

– microphones technique in series

Young woman receiving a botox injection

› Linear tunneling technique

After the skin is thoroughly disinfected, the agia is introduced along the entire length of the skin to the surface of the dermis. This is how the injection of the product begins, while the water is drawn out.

› Series microphone technique

According to this technique, a series of injections are made at a distance of 2 millimeters from each other along the crease, creating a microphone with a diameter of 1/2 millimeters.

› Products that are injected

Bovine collagen is obtained from the skin of a cow that has been raised and fed in a natural and controlled manner. Collagen is available in different concentrations. Normal collagen penetrates the human collagen, while cross-linked collagen penetrates the dermis. Before the treatment, it is necessary to do two sensitivity tests within 3 weeks, because in very rare cases intolerance reactions may appear. However, collagen has been used for 15 years now with a very high level of efficiency and safety.

Blue-grey green aloe vera pink transparent cosmetic cream-gel retinol serum texture with bubbles isolated on a white and multi-colored background

› Hyaluronic acid derivative

For years, a hyaluronic acid derivative of animal origin has been used in gel (Hyland). Patients do not manifest collateral effects such as redness or swelling of the treated areas.

Hyaluronan (Restylane)

It is about the hyaluronic acid of the third generation. It has two main characteristics:

1. Thanks to its cross-linking, it stays longer in the tissues.
2. It is not an animal extract, but it has very high biocompatibility.

Young woman on a beauty treatment with the filler injection at the beauty clinic.

Today different materials can be used to treat facial wrinkles. For all of them, we can say that they are already consolidated methods in medicine. Only the esthetician can assess case by case which techniques should be used according to the patient’s anesthetics, which products are more suitable, and if the patient does not have enough of these but needs surgery to solve his problems. At the Phoenix Liposuction Center™, you can find all the techniques for improving your skin.


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