Plastic surgery and lifestyle after them

Every person strives for a happy, and most importantly, a long life. After all, there are so many interesting and exciting things in the world today!

Cosmetic surgery responds sensitively to public requests. We didn’t even notice how firmly she entered our lives. Cosmetic surgery changes give the appearance that a person has dreamed of for so long, and returns lost forms after childbirth and breastfeeding. It is believed that the success of the operation depends on the surgeon. But in fact, many factors determine a positive result. One of them is proper rehabilitation after surgery and a person’s lifestyle.

The patient leaves the clinic a day after surgery. He returns to his usual rhythm of life. At the same time, a person does not feel pain, restrictions, or discomfort. However, within 2-3 weeks after the intervention, there is still a rehabilitation period. After all, we should not forget that cosmetic surgery, like any other intervention, is a load and stress for the body.

Rehabilitation after plastic or cosmetic surgery consists in strictly following the doctor’s instructions and eating a balanced diet that helps the body recover. We recommend eating light food: 70% of a person’s diet should consist of fresh vegetables and fruits. In their composition, they contain vitamins, microelements, and fiber, which are necessary for the harmonious work of the whole body. Exclude fast food, alcohol, pastries, etc.

Remember that the temporary postoperative diet during the rehabilitation period should be healthy and nutritious to help restore strength. We share the secret of a diet. A lifesaver for a surgeon is a glass of fresh orange juice. This is a great snack that gives energy and restores strength. And also provides a great mood!

How to make orange juice? You will need 5-6 oranges and an ordinary juicer, necessarily (when in contact with metal surfaces, vitamins are destroyed). Only 5 minutes and a healthy drink is ready.

Please do not add sugar or cinnamon to fresh orange juice. The clean taste is incredible! we recommend tasting the vitamin drink. Especially when you want to please yourself with vitamins and something bright.


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