What is Rhinoseptoplasty and How is it Different from Rhinoplasty?

The nose is usually one of the parts of the body that causes the most complexes in people. Many do not like its shape or width; others are bothered by the tip of the nose. For all these discomforts, there is an operation that solves everything and as a rhinoplasty plastic surgeon I perform the intervention to correct or improve the structure of the nose, so that the result is harmonious and natural.


Just as there are patients who need a rhinoplasty to feel better with the appearance of their nose, there are also others who require a rhinoseptoplasty because they feel functional discomfort. One of the most common symptoms is that they cannot breathe properly because the septum is deviated.


The purpose of this publication is to clarify what rhinoseptoplasty is about and what the differences are between this procedure and rhinoplasty, since some patients may be confused with both plastic surgeries. Although both are performed in the nasal cavity, through an opening between the nostrils, they do not have the same results.


Before the intervention

It will be necessary for you to inform me of many important points so that my surgical plan has excellent results. It is important to know if you have suffered previous nasal trauma or have undergone any surgical treatment in this area. Other issues to discuss are your diet, the medications you take, if you suffer from any illness, if you practice sports or do physical training. Also, it is very important that you tell me if you smoke because you will have to stop smoking several weeks before the operation.



This surgical intervention focuses on correcting the nasal septum to make the patient breathe better; It can be done in two ways: open or closed. My favorite technique and the one I frequently perform is open rhinoseptoplasty, since it allows me to have a better view of the nasal structure and work very well on the septum so that the patient improves their breathing.


The rhinoseptoplasty begins with a small incision between both nostrils. In this way, I will have no limits and I will be able to work comfortably inside the nose, the bones and the cartilage. I perform this operation under general anesthesia and the duration of the surgery will be according to the corrections that must be made in the nose. It commonly takes 1 to 2 hours.


When the surgery is finished, my medical team and I place plugs inside the patient’s nose, which must remain immobile for 2 days. In addition, we place an external splint that covers the septum of the nose for several days. I will remove the stitches in a week and in that consultation I will examine the nose to determine the evolution it has had in the first days. Rhinoseptoplasty is an outpatient surgery and the patient returns home a few hours after surgery.


Most patients go home without discomfort or pain. But, in case you notice inflammation in the area and a little pain, I will prescribe painkillers that will relieve them in a short time. The special care after the intervention are:


  • Avoid sudden movements with the head.
  • Do not lift weights.
  • Sleep on your back.
  • Suspend exercises or sports for at least 15 days.
  • Wait a week to resume daily and work activities.
  • Be very careful with the face, because a blow to the nose would be of great risk.


Who are Candidates for Rhinoplasty?

People who present respiratory problems caused by the deviation of the septum or some internal structure that needs to be corrected. As well as aesthetic alterations of the nose that patients wish to perform in a single surgical time to obtain the expected aesthetic and functional results.


Can Rhinoplasty and Rhinoseptoplasty be Performed in a Single Intervention?

Yes. Both surgeries can be performed in a single operation to achieve a better result in the nose, without the need to subject the patient to two separate surgical procedures. Rhinoplasty will correct the aesthetics of the nose, while rhinoseptoplasty will improve the functionality of the nasal passages, so that the patient can breathe correctly.


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  • 1. It is a plastic surgery that corrects the functionality of the nasal passages, the septum and the cartilage, so that the patient breathes better.
  • 2. The operation is performed on the septum. This allows them to modify the aesthetics of the nose.
  • 3. The aesthetic and functional correction of the nose can be performed in a single surgical time, which will allow the patient a single recovery period.




  • 1. It is an intervention for aesthetic purposes that improves the appearance of the nose, especially its tip.
  • 2. The operation focuses on the external features of the nose, corrects parts of the nose such as cartilage, nostrils and tip to beautify the aesthetics of the nose.
  • 3. It can be done from the age of 16, once the growth of the nasal structures has been completed.


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