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One of the techniques used in recent years is the so-called superficial liposuction.

This method is not aimed at removing local fat, but at tightening the skin, i.e. correcting sagging and improving cellulite.
Superficial liposuction can be done regardless of whether liposuction will be done in the deeper layers. Usually, not, it happens at the same time as her. That is, normal liposuction is performed to remove local fat, as well as superficial liposuction to improve sagging and cellulite.

The philosophy of this technique is based on the fact that in many parts of the body there are two layers of fat: the deep and the superficial. The deep fat layer is responsible for the local accumulation of fat cells, i.e. local thickness. Cellulite is due to the superficial layer of fat. We also know that mechanical injury to the lower layers of the skin causes the production of fibers, which tend to pucker (shrink). This shrinkage creates a tightening of the skin.

Based on the above mechanisms, superficial liposuction consists of inserting a very thin cannula just below the skin, that is, where the lower layers of the skin meet the surface fat. With the movement of the cannula, there is a mechanical injury to the lower layers of the skin, which creates the shrinkage we mentioned above, but at the same time, fat cells are removed from the superficial layer of fat, which helps to deal with cellulite.

Skin anatomy. Human body skin vector illustration with parts vein artery hair sweat gland epidermis dermis and hypodermis. Human Cross-section of the skin layers structure.

Of course, one should not imagine either that with this method the loose skin will suddenly tighten as it was many years ago, nor that cellulite will suddenly disappear. But once we achieve even a small improvement in problems like sagging or cellulite, which are generally very intractable and with very few treatment options, what superficial liposuction gives us is valuable.

A necessary condition for this method to be successful is to use very thin cannulas on the one hand and the other hand not to exaggerate the amount of superficial fat to be removed. In the past, some doctors, exaggerations were made in these areas. The result of this was that there were bad results, which created an fr towards this method. We should know that the rule applies, which applies to everything in our life, namely that any excess can bring unwanted results.

Two shots of a woman in profile with a belly with excess fat and toned slim stomach with abs before and after losing weight isolated on a beige background. Result of diet, liposuction, training

Superficial liposuction can be applied with any method of liposuction, i.e. classical, pulsed, and laser. What is important is that one avoids possible sagging, which can be created due to the large “void”, due to deeper liposuction. For this reason, it would be good if liposuction of any area is accompanied by superficial liposuction at the same time. In other words, liposuction should be done on two levels.

Also, superficial liposuction helps with what is called pseudocellulitis , i.e. the appearance of cellulite which is actually due to the relaxation of the skin more than the cellulite itself.

Many plastic surgeons have recommended the method of superficial liposuction on the faceand as a method of correcting sagging and therefore avoiding lifting.

Nevertheless, the most important areas for superficial liposuction are the inner thighs , which are easily relaxed, and the abdomen.



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