The Botulin Treatment in the “SMART” Version

Everyone knows about the treatment of Botox, but how many know the advantages of its “smart” version?

Smart Botox is an innovative and intelligent new technique, an evolution of the traditional substance infiltration procedure.

In fact, in addition to offering harmonious and natural results, the new version of the treatment stands out for the various advantages it offers. But let’s go in order.

The fame of the Botox treatment is the product of its ability to eliminate expression lines and imperfections typical of aged skin, offering natural results and a lifting effect.

Infiltrations of the substance allow to improve the tone and compactness of the face for a variable period from 4 to 6 months thanks to the inhibitory action of Botox on neurotransmitter production, thus generating a block of muscle contraction.

For several years, thanks to Prof. Raffaele Rauso, a well-known plastic surgeon and aesthetic doctor of our peninsula, the treatment has taken on the smart form, acquiring other positive aspects, primarily given by the combination of botulinum with lidocaine.

While in fact a traditional treatment, botulinum is mixed with physiological solution, the smart technique involves the combination of the substance with a widely known anesthetic.

The presence of lidocaine during the infiltration allows to minimize the discomfort that could be perceived for the injections, allowing the patient to relax and enjoy the treatment without pain. But not only!

Botox mixed with this anesthetic offers a sort of preview of about 30 minutes of the final results of the treatment, without having to wait the traditional 5-6 days to know what your face will look like. This not only provides the patient with an early assessment of the effectiveness of Botox but also allows the doctor to correct any asymmetries in advance that would normally be possible to eliminate at a later time.


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