THE HIGH GAP, safety and permanent result with liposuction

Close-up top view of young woman lying down in hammock while spending carefree time on the beach

Young girls aim to have a gap between their thighs and calves (the so-called thigh gap). It is a new fashion, coming from USA and France. To achieve their goal, they follow exhausting diets. They enter into intense competition with each other into one as much weight as possible intoreate this image. Although aesthetics is a subjective matter and therefore without rules, in this particular case, the problem is mainly the method used by the girls, to reach the desired aesthetic result for them.

Crash diets can be detrimental to one’s health. Also, due to the reduction of fat in places other than the specific one desired by the person himself, the general aesthetic image of the body usually deteriorates. If a girl wants to create a thigh gap, without affecting the rest of the body and without going through exhaustive diets, the only way is liposuction in the area of ​​the inner thighs.

It is a much safer method than excessive weight loss.

Besides, let’s not forget that the result of liposuction is permanent. Because no one method is right for everyone, you need the advice of your trusted plastic surgeon on whether the fat loss in that particular area is right for your aesthetic, because every person is different, and because “everything has to be done with Measure”.


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