The Treatment of Banana rolls

Banana rolls are unsightly rolls that form under the buttocks and are so called because they resemble the shape of a banana positioned horizontally. These are accumulations of fat that go to deposit right under each buttock, in the highest part of the thigh.

When are Banana rolls formed?

This blemish affects women most and usually occurs when the buttock is round and full.

In fact, the weight of a “florid” butt rests directly on the thigh and forms an accumulation of water and fat retention that ruins the aesthetics and creates discomfort in the patient.

In fact, it is not just about fat accumulation, but also about relaxation of the tissues , due to the position and weight of the body in that area. The goal of the aesthetic doctor will be to empty the buttock, lightening it in its shape and size, to make the Banana roll less evident.

Another objective will be to act directly on adipose stagnation through the various possible approaches.

Banana rolls: who gets hit?

We have already mentioned that Banana rolls are a purely feminine aestheticism. We note how young women who are not overweight are also affected. In fact, even young women “online” can be affected. The fat that goes to make up the Banana rolls is, in fact, structural fat and not reserve fat , i.e. due to excessive weight.

This makes the aesthetic approach more difficult , as resorting to a diet alone could be ineffective and decisive or even worsen the situation. In fact, excessive relaxation of the skin due to a slimming diet can highlight an area in which the structural fat has already settled.

Causes of the formation of Banana rolls

Among the causes that cause the formation of Banana rolls we include:

  • hormonal imbalances;
  • genetic predisposition and familiarity;
  • water retention;
  • poor circulation;
  • Sedentary life;
  • muscle weakness in the legs and buttocks;
  • use of incorrect footwear (heels that are too high or too low);
  • incorrect posture (for example, staying too long with the legs crossed).

Banana rolls: the treatments

The treatments to eliminate the imperfection of Banana rolls are different, some require a gradual intervention others, in the most serious cases, the intervention of the cosmetic surgeon.

Among the gradual treatments, first of all is physical exercise.

Surely one of the fundamental approaches is to practice physical activity with targeted exercises: some movements and exercises can contribute to the improvement of the situation that has arisen.

We are dealing with a small and delicate area of ​​the body, therefore difficult to treat.

Fast walking or running are exercises that fight a sedentary lifestyle and allow not only to start acting on the accumulated fat but also to prepare the body for more precise exercises:

  • the squat is a very effective practice because it allows you to go to work right on the back of the legs;
  • the lunges;
  • the backward thrusts with alternating legs allow to melt the accumulations of fat in the thighs and buttocks.

A second treatment to combat banana rolls is a healthy and balanced diet. Healthy nutrition is always an ally for the treatment of imperfections, so it is useful to feed on:

  • fresh fruit of the season;
  • dried fruit;
  • vegetables (especially green leafy);
  • legumes;
  • cereals (better if whole).

All packaged foods, fizzy drinks, fried food and alcohol are to be banned.

We must never forget hydration. Water is essential for purifying our body of fats and waste materials , improves metabolism and promotes the elimination of excess fluids.

The good rule of thumb remains to drink at least two liters of water a day. Perhaps, in daily habits, you can introduce draining herbal teas that promote hydration and can have advantages in the fight against adipose stagnation.

Cosmetics are another gradual remedy. A good strategy for attacking Banana rolls can be the use of creams and muds. The latter have the ability to act on the skin and penetrate deeper through the heat they produce.

With heat, localized fats can melt and then be eliminated in synergy with proper nutrition and physical activity.  In addition, there are creams, vials and serums to be applied directly on the parts to be treated. Banana rolls can be treated with topical products based on slimming agents based on:

  • caffeine;
  • carnitine;
  • algae;
  • guarana;
  • ginkgo biloba.

Banana rolls: massages, technological treatments, surgery

Aesthetic medicine professionals can subject patients to various specific treatments with innovative and effective machinery. This is the so-called “Banana rolls off” protocol , of American origin, which consists of:

  • handpieces with silicone rotators, for massages aimed at dissolving fat;
  • manual skin remodeling or with specific tools;
  • ultrasound and radiofrequency tools (with micro needles and micro electrodes that are able to dissolve fat and stimulate the creation of new collagen, able to stretch the skin of the buttock and sub-buttock).

For very evident and serious imperfections, surgery can be done with the filling of the buttock, or with liposuction.

Since the region affected by the blemish in question is very particular, it is essential to contact an expert cosmetic surgeon, who has already proven experience.

Incorrectly intervening on Banana rolls can even aggravate the initial situation.


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