Three popular options for contouring of the male body

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Time affects everyone. With age, the skin and tissues on the face and body stretch, sag and lose their elasticity. This can negatively affect your face and body contour. In men, in particular, it manifests itself on the stomach, chest and the junction of the neck and jaw.

In recent years, great progress has been made in terms of non-surgical methods of fat reduction and skin tightening. This made it possible to treat many problems with the outline of the male face and body without resorting to surgical intervention. This is a huge plus for men who have a lower tolerance for downtime.

Sometimes, however, surgery will be the best option. Whenever you are considering any type of cosmetic procedure, it is important that you are evaluated in person by a board-certified plastic surgeon. You want to see someone who not only offers a full range of non-surgical and surgical options, but also has the experience and training to ensure a safe, natural result.

The Internet has made patients more aware of the many options for male face and body contouring, but the procedure is only effective if it is properly tailored to your individual anatomy and needs. Bottom line: What worked for your friend may not work for you.

Variants of contour plastic for the male body for the abdomen

The stomach is probably the biggest area of ​​concern for most men. Many men want to have a toned, flat stomach with visible abs, also known as a six-pack. As they age, however, some men tend to develop a gut, no matter how hard they work out or how well they eat, which can hide that taunting belly. Fat on the outside of the abdominal wall—extra-abdominal fat—is treatable. On the non-surgical side, the two most popular methods of fat reduction are:

  • CoolSculpting
  • SculpSure

Both work by destroying the mast cells in the treatment area either through cold or heat. Once destroyed, these cells are then removed through your body’s own lymphatic and metabolic systems. CoolSculping and SculpSure are fast, effective and versatile. However, each of them requires multiple treatments, within 6-8 weeks of each other, to ensure optimal results. The goal for each treatment is to reduce the available fat by 20%.

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Liposuction, on the other hand, is a more aggressive surgical procedure and may be more effective. Most plastic surgeons agree that liposuction is the gold standard when it comes to contouring for the male abdomen and flanks. This allows the surgeon to literally re-sculpt your torso. Laser technology can also be used as an additional method of body contouring. In the right patient, it can even reveal 6-pack abs that are covered in extra-abdominal fat. Liposuction does require downtime, usually about a week, and you will need to wear compression garments to ensure the best results and skin contour.

Options for gynecomastia for flatter breasts

The second most popular area for men when it comes to body contouring is the chest. Gynecomastia is breast fullness caused by excess glandular tissue, fat, or a combination thereof. Incredibly common, there are a number of different ways to treat gynecomastia. The correct procedure will depend on the underlying cause. For patients whose fullness is solely the result of too much fat, liposuction is the most common form of treatment. Sculpting and fat reduction can lead to slimmer and more masculine breasts. Breast liposuction can be performed safely under local anesthesia with minimal downtime and recovery.

Most men with gynecomastia, however, have excess glandular tissue in addition to fat. This gland must be surgically removed to create the flat, smooth chest that men dream of. There are several different cut options. The right choice will depend on the amount of breast tissue that needs to be removed. Although the idea of ​​breast scars sounds scary, ideally the incision can be camouflaged at the border between the darker skin of the nipple and the lighter skin of the chest. Men who have excess, loose skin in addition to glands and fat may also need surgical removal and skin adjustment.

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Aesthetic procedures for a clear chin line

A clear chin line is a youthful chin line. Unfortunately, some men are not born this way, and some lose this definition as they age. The area under the chin is the main place for excess fat in men. Whether you wear a tie or not, the accumulation of fat around the neck and chin can make you feel bulky and overweight when you don’t. Fortunately, this focused area of ​​fat accumulation is well treated with non-invasive body contouring devices such as CoolSculpting® and SculpSure®. In addition, there is an injectable drug, Kybella®, which has been specially developed to reduce subcutaneous fat under the chin. In patients with a large amount of excess fat, liposuction is likely to be a better option.



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