Tone your Arms

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When we talk about toning the arms we sometimes think of muscular and defined arms, but it can also be synonymous with slender arms without excess fat or skin. Flabby arms are a very common blemish, especially among women over 30.

The causes are many but the result is always the same: flabby arms with sagging fat that can be a source of shame or embarrassment, especially in summer.
Fortunately, firming the arms is possible, aesthetic medicine offers different solutions, more or less invasive based on the extent of the imperfection.
So, we understand why over time the skin of the arms tends to give way and what are the solutions to tone them.

What are the causes of flabby arms?

The loss of muscle tone in the arms is a more than normal event: with time the collagen and elastin present in the skin decrease, making the skin less and less compact and elastic.

However, some factors can accelerate the decay process of tissues and others that counter it; all elements that concern the lifestyle.
A protein-free diet or physical activity that excludes arm training is one of the triggers for loss of muscle tone. The normal aging process of the skin, then, is accelerated by adding: a sedentary lifestyle; laziness; the idea that a women’s workout card shouldn’t contain exercises to tone the arms.

This imperfection may also be due to rapid or very significant weight loss, for which the body is unable to readjust adequately and therefore it is necessary to intervene with aesthetic medicine treatments or surgery.
In general, following a proper diet, drinking a lot, and exercising regularly, even with weights, can help improve skin laxity in the arms and better define the affected muscles.

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Sometimes all of this is not enough, so here’s how to tone your arms

If you don’t like going to the gym and, considering that the period doesn’t allow it, you can easily find hundreds of video tutorials on how to perform exercises for the bat arms on the internet.

In the same way, looking for authoritative sources, there are many suggestions and indications about nutrition, containing the recommended macronutrients to facilitate the toning and definition of the muscles.

If despite the efforts the results are slow to arrive or if the imperfection is now irrecoverable with the classic remedies, there are conditions for turning to a cosmetic surgeon; through specific treatments of aesthetic medicine, he can definitively solve the problem.

What are the treatments to tone the arms?

The medical aesthetic solutions must be calibrated about the state of the imperfection and above all according to the result to be obtained.
There are several alternatives to consider. My advice is to always contact a competent aesthetic doctor who can offer all the available solutions, to evaluate the most appropriate type of treatment or intervention.

Laser technology and innovative non-invasive treatments can be used to remove excess skin or fat from the arms; alternatively, there is surgery to remove excess skin with a scalpel, an operation that is not very invasive but still requires a post-operative course.

Fat on the arm in women

Co2 laser + Radio frequency

The combination of laser and radiofrequency allows to effectively correct the bat-like arms, intervening on the loss of tone of the tissues and the diminished elasticity.

It is a treatment that associates the third and last generation CO2 laser with radiofrequency, to intervene decisively against the relaxation of the skin and thus restore a more compact and defined profile to the figure.

The combination of the two allows to work synergistically both on the surface, through the laser, and in-depth, thanks to radio frequency.
In this way, the tissues regain tone and firmness and the sagging is thinned. The treatment is quick and painless and allows you to immediately resume ordinary activities without the risk of unsightly scars remaining.

Lifting of the arms

Where laser and radiofrequency do not reach, surgical facelift arrives. This cosmetic surgery allows you to lift and firm the inside of the arms when they are excessively flabby, with stretch marks or excess skin.

The lifting aims to give greater tone to the relaxed muscles through the surgical removal of a part of the skin, for a natural result. In some cases the surgery can be performed under local anesthesia and sedation, in others under general anesthesia; it depends on the clinical situation of the patient and the extent of the imperfection.

The results are very natural, a more toned effect is obtained, for youthful-looking arms. This technique, being an operation in all respects, will leave small scars, which will not be noticed as they are hidden.

Clearly, unlike the treatment carried out with laser and radiofrequency, in the first post-operative days it is essential to pay attention to sudden movements of the treated limbs and to avoid any type of physical activity: it will be possible to resume it after about 2 weeks in order not to subject the scars.

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How to prepare for surgery

To minimize risks and complications, it is important to always follow your surgeon’s instructions both before and after surgery. Always tell them if you have allergies or other chronic diseases and if you take medications regularly.
It is advisable to stop smoking a few weeks before as smoking negatively interferes with the healing process. Pain relievers such as aspirin are contraindicated during the two weeks before surgery: their active ingredient interferes with blood clotting and can cause bleeding or delayed healing.


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