What Are Liposuction Technique Limitations?

Many patients come to Infini Cosmetic Associates® for help getting rid of stubborn fat that regular exercise and dieting has been unable to change. Areas such as the stomach can be hard to treat through these traditional methods and require additional help. While liposuction has come a long way over the years, there can still be limitations to the procedure in terms of expectations and amount of fat tissue that can be removed.

An Upgraded Liposuction Technique

Liposuction has evolved over the years from a long, highly invasive surgery to a variety of less invasive options that lets our patients get back to their busy schedule quicker. Now liposuction procedures such as SmartLipo exist and make it even easier for our patients. SmartLipo is one of the best liposuction techniques and uses laser body sculpting methods for incredible results. In addition to removing fat tissue, SmartLipo is also able to reduce the appearance of cellulite and contour the body. The limitation of newer treatment procedures is that they are unable to remove the volume of fat tissue that a more traditional liposuction technique can provide.

Ideal Candidate for Liposuction

As mentioned, using an older liposuction technique allows higher volumes of fat tissue be removed from the body. This made for a heavily invasive procedure that increased associated risks. A modern liposuction technique, such as SmartLipo is ideal for patients who are in general good health. These prospective candidates should be near their ideal weight before the procedure and not be smokers. SmartLipo is not designed for losing pounds of fat, but helping you get rid of spots of fat tissue that have not responded to diet and exercise. The results of SmartLipo are reduced fat tissue in your treated area and an ideal body contour.

Post Liposuction

While a modern liposuction technique may have limitations with expectations and the amount of fat tissue that can be removed, they more than make up for it with the recovery. Since SmartLipo is less intensive, patients do not require the lengthy recovery times of traditional liposuction. Most patients can even return to their everyday schedule in just a short time following the procedure.

Liposuction with Infini Cosmetic Associates®

SmartLipo is just one example of a modern liposuction technique available at Infini Cosmetic Associates®. Give us a call today for your free consultation and see how liposuction can help you achieve the body contour you have always wanted.


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