What should not be done after Face Treatment?

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If you go for facial treatments regularly, these are the tips you should definitely read.

We have already written to you about different  facial treatments  that are our recommendation for different skin types. If you have tried them, you have probably heard from our therapists-beauticians advice on what you should not do after the treatment , in order to additionally protect your skin and accelerate their effect. Now all these tips are in one place!

We asked Dr Hall to tell us what should not be done after the facial treatment. These are his tips.

What should you keep in mind before facial treatment?

Before the treatment, it is very important to tell the beautician-esthetician what you did before that . Certain treatments, such as the Beauty package , may include chemical peels. Since chemical peels should be done two weeks apart, you must remind the beautician that chemical peels should not be repeated in a shorter period than expected.

Also, if you have done a stronger exfoliation, Botox, fillers, anti-aging treatments or lasers for a specific problem, there is a specific time period that needs to pass before you can do anything else, even the safest facial massage. For example, Botox procedures can be counter-induced by going for a facial massage. It is massage that stimulates muscle work, while botulinum acid kills it.

If you are taking any preparations, supplements, therapy that could lead to a reaction or use retinol in home care , be sure to mention it to your cosmetologist, because these are factors that can affect the success of treatment.

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What not to do after facial treatment?

When it comes to the behavior of patients after treatment, it again depends on what they did

It is definitely not recommended that you go to the gym that day, ie to the gym, running, swimming pool, sauna, or mechanical peeling, because it is very likely that you had it during the treatment.

Do not put heavy make-up , and especially after cleansing the face, chemical peeling , microneedling – you should not put anything on the skin. The so-called “Squeezing the face” is not even under the point of miscellaneous!

It would be good to put clean bedding, especially a pillowcase. If you have done a slightly stronger procedure, it would be good to change the pillow every night, at least for the next three nights, until the face heals a bit.

Also, you should not practice all-day sun exposure, and especially leave the house without SPF protection, which is also determined in accordance with the treatment you have done.

We hope you found our tips helpful. Due to all the above, a consultation and filling out a consultation form is mandatory in Infini Phoenix Liposuction. In that way, we monitor each of our patients and determine further protocols according to the results that have already been achieved.

If you want to schedule some of the facial treatments from our offer, you can do so by contacting us.


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