Butt Augmentation Using Fat Transfer

Buttock augmentation has become a very popular cosmetic procedure due to the emphasis being placed on the buttocks by the media and fashion. Many celebrities are held in high esteem by the public because of their attractive and shapely derrieres. Both men and women want those nicely shaped buttocks, and many just do not have the genes that provide that. Luckily, there is a great option to get that shapely buttock area.

Buttock augmentation through fat transfer is considered to be less invasive than implants and is preferred by many patients. It is minimally invasive and provides natural looking results. Dr. William Hall of Infini Cosmetic Associates specializes in fat transfer procedures for the best butt augmentation results.

The Procedure

This process is sophisticated and requires specialized equipment being used by a trained surgeon. Dr. Hall, during your initial consultation will determine if you are a good fat transfer candidate. During the consultation Dr. Hall and you will:

  • Determine your health status
  • Determine if you have adequate fat that can be used in the procedure
  • Consider the size and volume of fat required
  • Discuss your expectations
  • Tailor pre- and post-operative plans for surgery

The fat that will be transferred to the buttocks is harvested from a site having excess fat using a gentle liposuction technique. The harvested fat is then separated and the fat cells are injected in the buttocks to provide more contour. Almost invisible incisions are made in the butt cheeks through which the fat is transferred at many different levels. This layering method used by Dr. Hall creates a smoother, more rounded look.

While re-absorption of the fat does occur, Dr. Hall’s methods reduces this, resulting in a 60% to 70% survival rate of the transferred fat. The doctor uses an advanced method of washing and separating the fat cells so that what is being injected are mostly whole stem cells that provide healing properties, as well as a higher survival and regrowth rate.

After the Procedure

Patients will receive instructions for care and hygiene. They will also be required to wear compression garments for seven to 14 days to add support to the area. Most patients will be able to return to their normal schedule within a few days; however, each case is different. There is little to no pain with the procedure, as it is a minimally invasive procedure, nor are there any resulting scars.

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