The Danger of Using Phoenix Chain Cosmetic Surgery and Liposuction Clinics

As the cost of liposuction has decreased, making it more available to the public as opposed to being a tool only the richest can afford, the risks of unscrupulous liposuction clinics opening on every corner has increased. These chain centers are interested in one thing—making money—and many do not care if they are putting their patient’s lives in danger as they do so. Cutting corners by hiring less qualified staff, renting surgical center rooms, even flying in doctors to do assembly room procedures with just a cursory examination of the patient by the doctor; safety is not their concern and the patient can pay the price. Read on to learn more about these low quality Arizona Cosmetic Surgery clinics, and to see why Infini Phoenix Cosmetic Surgery and Liposuction is the right choice when it comes to liposuction procedures!


If It Seems Too Good to be True…

It probably is! Your first hint that you aren’t working with a quality cosmetic surgery clinic is their promises that liposuction will make you skinny. The reality is there is only so much fat that can be safely taken out at once. If the clinic you meet with suggests otherwise, you might want to check out what Infini Arizona Cosmetic Surgery has to say. Liposuction is only meant to be used as a tool at the END of your weight loss journey. You may not appreciate our truthfulness at first, but you will realize that we put your safety at the top of our list of what’s important.

Initial Consultations Performed by Sales People – Not Cosmetic Surgeons in AZ

Chain centers save money by hiring sales people to do your initial consultation and offering a commission if they make the sale. These sales people ask the questions that a doctor would (and should) and send the information to the doctor, who quite frequently doesn’t even live in the same state. The doctor sees his patient for the first time on the day of the procedure as the patient is being prepped for surgery and conducts the first—and only—exam at that time. The hope is if something doesn’t look right, the surgeon would cancel the surgery, but in a place where money rules, that rarely happens.

When you visit a reputable clinic (such as Infini Phoenix Cosmetic Surgery) you meet with the surgeon at your initial consultation where a history is taken and a comprehensive exam is conducted before determining if you are an ideal candidate for the liposuction procedure. We take the time to answer your questions and listen to your worries because you matter. Chain centers cannot say the same.

Infini Phoenix Arizona Cosmetic Surgery

When you schedule your consultation with us, you get our personal guarantee that we see you, the person, not just a procedure that brings in more money. Schedule with us today and discover the beauty of a clinic that cares!

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