Fat Injections vs. Implants

Cosmetic surgery procedures of every kind continue to be on the rise, as more and more people feel comfortable seeking cosmetically enhanced assistance in improving their bodies. No cosmetic procedure, however, has seen a greater interest in recent years quite as much as butt enhancement procedures. There are two types of ways that the buttocks can be enhanced: through the insertion of artificial butt implants to add volume and new shape or with the help of natural fat injections to create a fuller, more voluminous backside. Both methods are popular for different reasons, though most doctors have their preferences.


Butt Implants

Butt implants are usually made of solid silicone and are inserted through a carefully made incision. Once the incision has been made, the gluteus maximus muscle is gently lifted up to create a pocket for the implants to rest underneath. The silicone nature of the implants leads to a very soft padding and once they are inserted and adjusted for proper placement, the incision is sewed up. With implants, it’s usually much easier to achieve a larger size than with fat injections, particularly if the patient doesn’t have a lot of their own fat to transfer to that region to begin with. However, implants can take a lot longer to adjust and require a longer healing time; plus, they will eventually need to be replaced with new implants years down the road, so that’s something to keep in mind when considering implants. There’s always a greater risk associated with inserting foreign objects into the body than there is with using the body’s own natural fat reserves. Results may take several months to really notice and up to 8 months before the body fully adjusts and they feel like a natural part of the body, however, by this point most patients hardly notice their presence at all.

Natural Fat Transfer Butt Augmentation in Phoenix

This cosmetic procedure uses the body’s own fat, which has been gently suctioned out of areas with plenty to spare (usually the abdomen, hips, or thighs), purified, and then injected into the buttocks to create more volume and a fuller appearance. Fat injections can be easier to manipulate and create a more natural appearance and feel, simply because it’s the body’s own fat put where it’s wanted most. The healing time following fat transfer is much quicker than with implants, though a compression garment needs to be worn for at least two weeks following the procedure. Thankfully there is no concern for the patient regarding a replacement of implants though more fat can be transferred to the area in the future if desired.

Choose Infini Phoenix Liposuction

For a full understanding of the difference between butt implants and fat transfers to the buttocks, consult a physician who specializes in each procedure and who can give expert advice on which method might work best for your individual expectations. Fortunately, Dr. Hall at Infini Liposuction is precisely the doctor for the job! If you’re interested in learning more, call today for your consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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