Body Contouring Vs. Liposuction

As mentioned previously, there is an overabundance of weight loss products on the market, with body contouring being one of the more recent inventions. In reality, liposuction is a type of body contouring as well, but we will be comparing liposuction to other types of body contouring for today’s purposes. However you phrase it, liposuction will always be your best option when you are trying to whittle away those remaining stubborn pockets of fat.

Liposuction as a Contouring Tool

You’ve worked hard for months, eating right, working out like a beast, and yet your stomach, your thighs, and even your backside are still clinging to those last few pounds of fat, destroying the line of your skirt and giving you a muffin top that you really don’t deserve! Fortunately, the use of tumescent techniques can remove fat in target areas, while leaving it where you want it (jeans look best when filled out with a little extra booty!), creating the silhouette you always dreamed of having with a minimally invasive procedure. This new figure can be yours forever if you continue with your exercise routine and the healthy eating habits you have developed over the last few months.


CoolSculpting is another body contouring method that has become all the rage in the last couple of years. Completely nonsurgical, risks and complications are almost non-existent with this procedure, but it only works with small amounts of fat. Cooling tools freeze the offending fat, causing it to break up and eventually disappear. Only a cup of fat—two at the most—can be destroyed through this method, and because the results aren’t as instantaneous as in liposuction, the patient may be disappointed that he or she didn’t go with liposuction.

How Is Liposuction Better?

In addition to sculpting and contouring your body safely and efficiently, liposuction helps in transferring fat to different areas of the body as well. Larger derrieres are in style and women who have not been blessed naturally can take advantage of the Brazilian butt lift procedure, in which fat is removed from the thighs or belly and then transferred to the buttocks, with the doctor contouring the shape of the new and larger bottom to create a sexy and sassy new silhouette.

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