Liposuction Scarring: How Common Is It? | Scottsdale Cosmetic Surgery Tips

Today’s liposuction techniques are far gentler and less devastating to the body than those of times past. The tools used are smaller, allowing for more precision contouring and smaller incisions, which in turn results in far fewer liposuction scars. Not surprisingly, one of the more common questions we receive during our consultations is on scarring. No one wants to work hard at making their bodies slim and trim, only to have the overall result be marred by ugly scars. When you choose to have your liposuction performed by Infini Cosmetic Surgery in Arizona, scarring is not something you need to fear!



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Small Incisions Used at our Scottsdale Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

The small cannulas used for performing most liposuction procedures means the incisions will be small—and the scarring that remains even smaller. Any skilled cosmetic surgeon should know how to perform the procedure with minimal scarring and where to place the incisions so any scars that do exist are not visible to others. The only one who will know you had liposuction are those you may have told, and your doctor, of course!

Is the Scarring Permanent?

When larger cannulas are used, there is a chance that your scars will be permanent, but with the use of microcannulas, the scars will be minimal and will most likely disappear over time. If you have darker pigmented skin, the scars will be more noticeable, which is something you may want to think about when considering liposuction.


Liposuction can bring about two types of scarring, the first being your typical scar that appears after a wound has healed. The other is known as dyschromia, a mark that can be lighter than the rest of the skin on your body (hypo-pigmented) or darker than the rest of the skin on your body (hyper-pigmented).

Dyschromia can appear after liposuction, but the size and placement of the incision will keep the mark difficult to see unless you choose to show it off. This type of scarring can be caused by the repeated friction of the cannula killing the pigmentation around the incision. Normally, dark-skinned people may naturally have wounds that scar darker than the surrounding skin.

Infini Cosmetic Surgery in Arizona

Schedule a consultation with us today to get your scarring questions (or any other questions you may have) answered. Our Scottsdale Cosmetic Surgeons at Infini Scottsdale Cosmetic Surgery have the experience necessary to ensure any scarring you may have is minimal and that the incisions needed for liposuction cannulas are placed on areas of the body that aren’t visible to anyone except yourself.

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