Military Liposuction Waist Reduction

Each year our military personnel have to go through something called the Military Tape Test where their waist size is measured to determine if they fit weight standards. It is natural to assume our military includes some of the most fit individuals in our country. However, even with the strictest diet and toughest exercise regimes, we can still have difficulty losing a few inches off our waistline. Luckily for our military personnel, we offer military weight loss liposuction so they can quickly lose a few inches and continue to be eligible for the armed forces.

What is Military Weight Loss Surgery?

Military liposuction waist reduction is a noninvasive weight reduction procedure that targets the size of the waist. Service members are able to lose a few inches without having to spend several weeks under recovery. One of the most effective military plastic surgery procedures is SmartLipo, a procedure that uses laser technology to “melt” away fat tissue before removing it with suction through a small incision. These incisions will quickly heal and be virtually unnoticeable to the naked eye. SmartLipo is able to quickly help military personnel shed those inches without having to go on bed-watch. Their body shape is also able to be contoured, as the collagen production in the skin is renewed. Your abdomen will be looking great while being prepared to pass the Military Tape Test.

Considering Military Plastic Surgery

Unfortunately, over 24,000 members of our Army personnel were discharged during the time between 1992 and 2007. Army service members are incredibly fit, but some still find it difficult to lose those inches. In fact, as close as 35% of all male trainees in all of the branches of military have been unable to meet weight standards. Do not be one of these statistics by choosing military weight loss liposuction and continuing your hard-earned career with the military. You will be back on your feet immediately following the procedure and be ready to take pass your exam.

Phoenix Liposuction

If you are in the Phoenix valley and are in need of military liposuction waist reduction to continue your military career, please do not hesitate to call now. Our staff have years of experience in military plastic surgery procedures and can show you what to expect from this life-changing procedure. For any additional questions, please call for your free consultation and find out how military waist reduction can help you.

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