Female Butt Augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift) Photos

(**Individual Results May Vary)

Female Butt Augmentation Before and After

If you find yourself with a saggy back end, want a little more volume, or both, you can benefit from a Brazilian buttock augmentation. A more pronounced backside has become increasingly popular, as many stars and celebrities have been touted for their large, perky backsides. It has become a sign of sensuality and femininity. These buttock augmentation before and after pictures provide a look at just how effective this procedure is in giving a full, uplifted derriere.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Essentially, a Brazilian buttock augmentation will transfer fat from areas of the body with excess fat to your back end to add fullness and firmness. The fat extraction is done through a gentle liposuction procedure, after which the fat is separated and treated before injection in the buttocks. It can actually be a two-in-one procedure, as it will smooth and contour the area that the fat is taken from.

Other benefits of this butt augmentation include a more natural appearance than can be gained through traditional implants. Additionally, there is no risk of rejection or allergic reaction, as your own fat is being used. This procedure also produces minimal scarring and a shorter recovery time.

At Infini Cosmetic Associates, our team is skilled and very experienced in this procedure to help ensure your safety, as well as the results you desire. Please call us today to schedule a consultation to discuss how a Brazilian butt augmentation can give you your desired results.

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