Female Chin Photos

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Female Chin Liposuction Before and After

Many women experience extra fat under the chin, or an undefined wobbly neckline, leading to a less than youthful appearance. This extra fat and loose skin in the chin and neck areas are often the results of age, genetics, weight gain/loss, and even pregnancy. This double chin or “turkey neck” is easily remedied through a simple liposuction under the chin procedure from Infini Cosmetic Associates. As you can see with these chin liposuction before and after photos, the effects can be stunning.

SmartLipo for Chins

At Infini, we use the effective SmartLipo procedure to help patients achieve a sleeker, firmer look in the chin and neck area. Often, this liposuction is performed on other areas of the face as well, including the cheeks, for an overall better look.

SmartLipo is one of the few types of liposuction that is effective on delicate areas such as the face. It uses directed laser energy to dissolve and loosen the fat that will then be removed through tiny needles or cannulas, making it very effective for liposuction under the chin. Another wonderful benefit of SmartLipo is its skin tightening properties. This is especially important for the facial areas. Not only will you experience the fat being eliminated, but your skin will also tighten and become firmer to produce a more contoured look.

SmartLipo is a minimally invasive procedure. Because of this, patients will experience short recovery times, and minimal risks or complications. If you want to know more about how chin liposuction and the experienced staff at Infini can help you achieve a smoother, more contoured profile, call us today to schedule a consultation.

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