Male Chest Photos

(**Individual Results May Vary)

Male Breast Liposuction Before and After

Male patients struggling with “male breasts” are particularly self-conscious of their condition and seek male breast liposuction as a means of ridding their chest area of extra fat. These “man boobs” can be caused by gynecomastia or a few extra pounds. Men who are suffering from this condition are often reluctant to wear tight fitting shirts or go bare-chested, which can cause embarrassment or self-confidence issues.

At Infini Cosmetic Associates, we us modern liposuction techniques to gently suction out extra fatty tissue in the chest to produce a more contoured look. The results, as you can see in these male breast liposuction before and after photos, are a much more masculine chest.

Chest Lipo Technique

SmartLipo uses a gently laser energy to loosen and liquefy the fat to allow it to be taken out with relative ease and little to no downtime. Once the fat cells in the chest have been removed through liposuction, they are gone permanently, as long as you maintain an active, healthy lifestyle to avoid any additional weight or fat gain. Another benefit of the SmartLipo procedure is skin tightening in the treatment area. You will experience not only the elimination of the fat, but tighter firm skin to accentuate the overall look.

The results from chest lipo will give you back your self-confidence to start wearing the clothing you want! When you are ready to get a more contoured chest, please call to schedule a consultation. Our team at Infini will discuss the procedure and how it can be effective in achieving your desired results.

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