Male Chin Photos

(**Individual Results May Vary)

Male Chin Liposuction Before and After

Many men are plagued with the dreaded double-chin—that pesky extra fat that appears under the chin and throughout the upper neck areas. This problem can be caused by age, genetics, or weight gain. A strong jawline is a masculine trait and is one of the main reasons many men seek double chin liposuction procedures that can give them that strong, masculine facial feature. SmartLipo from Infini Cosmetic Associates can help give men that strong jawline through a cutting-edge liposuction procedure.

SmartLipo uses laser energy to heat up the fat deposits to loosen and liquefy the fat cells that are then easily suctioned away through tiny cannulas. In addition to the fat elimination, SmartLipo also will tighten the skin in the treatment area.

As you can see with these double chin liposuction before and after photos, SmartLipo can help eliminate the fat, tighten the skin and essentially produce a much cleaner, defined jawline. These pictures prove that our results speak for themselves!

Additional Benefits of SmartLipo

In addition to producing great results, the SmartLipo procedure is minimally invasive. You will experience a virtually pain-free procedure with minimal bleeding, swelling or bruising. Your downtime will be very short, allowing you to return quite quickly to your regular routine.

Don’t put it off any longer. Give Infini Cosmetic Associates a call today to schedule a consultation. Our doctors and team will give you all the information and answer any questions you may have about chin lipo. We will help you achieve the results you are looking for!

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