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There is a reason that the buttock region is a focus of attention, discussion, commentary and fashion – because it is a main focal point of the human physique. Men and women alike, desire a well-rounded and shapely derriere, but for those who did not “carry it in their genes” we have an amazing option.


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**Individual Results May Vary

Butt Augmentation Through Fat Transfers

Buttock enhancement by fat injection is generally less invasive and is preferred by most patients to enhance the body and stay as natural looking as possible. Fat that is removed from the patient during liposuction is injected back into the butt for shaping. Working through virtually invisible incisions in each butt cheek, the surgeon places fat cells at many levels throughout the patient’s buttocks. Dr. Hall uses a layering method which will create a smooth, more rounded buttock with no irregular places showing through the skin.

Advantages of Fat Transfers

The benefits of buttock enhancement by fat injection include the achievement of a more natural appearance, as the newly sculpted buttocks use fat from your own body.

Smaller incisions are used which result in almost no visible scarring. There is a shorter healing time and a much more natural appearance when compared to buttock implant surgery. The tissue is readily accepted and there is no chance of rejecting your own tissue.

The most important factor in determining if you are a good candidate for fat transfer to the butt or Brazilian butt lift is that you have adequate fat to take from the rest of your body.

During your consultation you and Dr. Hall will:

• Determine your health status to qualify you as a candidate for the surgery

• Outline the areas of your body where fat can be removed

• Consider size increase and volume of fat needed for successful augmentation

• Discuss expectations from the procedure

• Tailor a plan for pre and post surgery to ensure the best results

As an experienced surgeon, Dr. Hall has mastered techniques and methods to ensure the best results for fat retention, once it is transferred to a new area.

Recovery Process

After the surgery, the patient will receive a list of instructions for hygiene and care and be required to wear an ACE bandage-like body-garment for 7-14 days after the surgery to add support to the area. Each case varies, but the average patient can return to work within a few days. There is very little pain associated with this procedure. It is a less-invasive technique, since there are no prosthetics or implants. In addition, this procedure does not leave scars. The tiny incisions close and heal within a few days.

“It’s incredible when we consider the possibility of turning love-handles and unwanted fat into a desirable butt or adding definition and volume to someone’s butt to look more like bootylicious,” – Infini patient

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(Buttock Augmentation) FAQs

What is a butt augmentation (Brazilian butt lift)?

Butt augmentation, also known as a Brazilian butt lift, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can improve the look of the buttocks. Excess fat is removed — using liposuction — from the abdomen, hips, or thighs. This fat is then used to add curves and reshape the buttocks, to provide an uplifted, yet natural appearance.

What is the difference between a butt augmentation (Brazilian butt lift) and butt implants?

Butt implants are silicone devices placed into the buttocks; while a butt lift uses injections of your own body fat. By using natural fat, it is easier to achieve a more natural look. Additionally, because the patient’s own fat is used, it decreases the chances of infection and allows for a quicker recovery.

Who is a good candidate for butt augmentation (Phoenix Brazilian butt lift)?

A good candidate is the person who has sufficient excess fat deposits around the waist, abdomen and leg area. The candidate should have enough fat to be transferred to the buttocks. In other words the natural butt augmentation candidate should be first a liposuction candidate. Additionally:  Be in good health, with a healthy weight and realistic expectations.

What if I don’t have enough excess body fat?

This procedure may not be a good option for those who are very slender and have little body fat. It is possible, however, that the surgeon could locate enough fat during an initial consultation. If you are severely underweight, this is probably not a good option for you.

How is the fat injected into the buttocks?

Fat is extracted using liposuction from areas around the buttocks, such as the stomach and lower back, and will provide a more contoured look overall. After the fat is collected, it is processed and purified. Only the healthiest fat cells are then re-injected into the buttocks using cannulas. These injections are made into various areas at different depths to allow for the best absorption to achieve a smooth, natural appearance.

How much does butt augmentation (Brazilian butt lift) cost?

The cost of this procedure depends on your individual case. The cost of your procedure, as well as possible financing options, will be discussed during your initial consultation.

Do the buttocks feel natural to the touch after surgery? What should be expected after swelling subsides?

The outcome, appeal and feel are very natural after fat transfer. All our patients report that friends and significant others would never even guess that they had any surgical help. Healing is rapid and the scars disappear in a short amount of time. Patients are left with natural, fuller bottoms.

Will there be any numbness as a result?

Once the swelling subsides, any numb sensation will go away and normal sensation will return.

How soon can I get back to my athletic activities?

Allow yourself 3 weeks to heal and for the body to acclimate to the surgery. Resume activity in increments as you feel more comfortable with activity. Start out with walking and light exercise, then slowly get back to your normal work-out routine.

How long do the injections last?

The results of this procedure should be long lasting. In fact, the majority of patients have seen the results last for up to 20 years. It is natural for some of the fat to be reabsorbed by the body; however, most of it will remain in the buttocks.

What are the risks for butt augmentation (Brazilian butt lift)?

Any surgery has risks, and these will be discussed during your consultation. Your individual health and lifestyle can increase or lessen your risk. However, choosing a board-certified cosmetic surgeon will greatly reduce the risks.

How much fat remains in the butt after the procedure?

Re-absorption or “dying off” occurs in all cases after fat grafting. We cannot make re-absorption go away; we can only reduce how much occurs. Based on Dr. Hall’s excellent technique and experience, we typically get 60-70% survival rates of our transferred fat. Dr. Hall uses a very advanced method of washing and separating the fat from all other cells so that we are injecting mostly whole stem cells. This greatly increases your chance of a successful procedure. What we can say is: what you have remaining after three months should be yours permanently.

**Individual Results May Vary

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