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Brazilian Butt Lift [BBL] Phoenix

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

The Brazilian Butt Lift, BBL for short, is a body contouring cosmetic procedure. It involves removing unseemly fat tissue through liposuction from your lower back, thighs, tummy, love-handles, FUPA, and ankles. The extracted tissue is sorted and cleaned only to keep healthy fat cells. Those are injected back into your buttocks to give you an eye-pleasing, sexy, rounded bubble butt.


Why is BBL the most searched cosmetic surgery procedure today in Scottsdale, Arizona?

Nature, lifestyle, and genetics give us the body we look at in a mirror. It isn’t always the most flattering as we age and have busy lives. What if you could have the hottest bootie modern cosmetic surgery can offer without having to spend countless hours in the gym?

Who doesn’t want to show off a sculpted backside in the form of beautiful heart-shape buttocks? No more flat pancake buttocks. Forget the fat that sticks to your hips and belly. With a Brazilian butt lift, you can get precisely the booty you want by fat grafting, and the final results will give a contoured body.

You finally get to have the curves you crave! It is time to think about wearing those magazine-worthy form-fitting jeans or that gorgeous summer print dress with the perfect drape and swing. You go Girl! Confidence opens doors, as they say.

How Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Work?

  • Your BLL is performed under local anesthesia and a mild sedative
  • You can communicate with your doctor during the whole procedure
  • Both doctors are board-certified to perform liposuction and fat transfer. Their repeated successes as given them the name bootydoctors® for their expertise and excellent results
  • 6300 successful liposuction procedures in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona
  • State of the art facilities
  • Unique methodology sorting of stem cells to increase the retention of the fat cells
  • Financing available on site

REMEMBER: A BBL is not just liposuction. It is a tricky fat transfer enhancement procedure that should only be done by an experienced board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

Who is performing your Brazilian Butt Lift?

At Infini Phoenix Liposuction, you always get a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who specializes strictly in liposuction procedures, such as Brazilian Butt Lift surgery:

William Shuell, M.D., has over 18 years of experience and has performed over 6,800 individual liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift procedures.

William Hall, M.D., is the cosmetic surgeon other physicians turn to for the American Board of Medical Specialties accredited liposuction training.

What  results can you expect from Phoenix /Scottsdale BBL using the Fat Transfer procedure

The Brazilian Butt Lift achieves a more natural appearance, as the newly sculpted buttocks uses fat from your own body. So your new butt looks and feels like you were born with it, and your stride will look natural.

Based on the bootydoctor’s excellent BBL surgery technique and experience, we typically get 60-70% survival rates of our transferred fat. Re-absorption or “dying off” occurs in all cases after fat grafting. We cannot make re-absorption go away; we can only reduce how much occurs.

What we can say is: what you have remaining after three months should be yours permanently.

During your initial consultation, you and the bootydoctors will:

  • Determine your health status to qualify you as a candidate for the surgery
  • Outline the donor sites of your body where the fat cells will be harvested
  • Consider size increase and volume of fat needed for a successful augmentation procedure
  • Discuss other areas that can benefit from fat transfer, including breast augmentation or breast reduction
  • Discuss realistic expectations from the procedure
  • Help you break down your particular butt lift surgery costs
  • Tailor a plan for pre and post-surgery to ensure the best results

As experienced surgeons, the bootydoctors have mastered techniques and methods to ensure the best results for fat retention.

Who is a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift?

  • Patients in good health, active, with extra body fat but not obese.
  • Patients who do not want fillers or implants complications
  • Patients who follow the strict rules after surgery: wearing compression garments, follow a proper diet and avoid cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Patients who have enough fat in other parts of the body for a fat transfer.

Recovery Process of the Phoenix Brazilian Butt Lift

After the surgery, patients will receive a list of instructions for hygiene and care. You will be required to wear ACE bandage-like compression garments for 7-14 days after the surgery to add support to the area. Each case varies, but the average patient can return to work within a few days. There is very little pain associated with this procedure, so your need for pain medication is likely to be minimal. It is a less-invasive technique since there are no prosthetics or implants. The tiny incisions close and heal within a few days.

“It’s incredible when we consider the possibility of turning love-handles and unwanted fat into a desirable butt or adding definition and volume to someone’s butt to look more like bootylicious,” stated one Infini patient.

What can you do to make your BBL a success?

Plan Ahead: You should expect to take 7-10 days off as a rule of thumb for your recovery.

There will be initial swelling, numbness, and some discomfort in the liposuction areas.

Please be aware that you should not sit on your buttocks for 7-10 days after the procedure so that the transferred fat will have the best chance to survive.

Do not drive if you don’t have to

Keeping your body weight off your treatment site allows your fat to find blood supply in its new area.

You will be prescribed antibiotics and pain relief medicine to take after surgery, and you will need to take those as directed.

Plan to eat a diet high in protein to help your body heal.  A nutrient-rich diet with plenty of vegetables, nuts, and grains will help your recovery.

Keep your weight constant; avoid weight loss or gain. Weight fluctuations can affect your results

No smoking or alcohol until the fat settles

Drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water daily will also benefit your recovery.

You will also be encouraged to walk and do stretching to enhance the healing process.

You must wear the compression garments as required to achieve the best results and the fat to remain in place.

When can I Exercise after a BBL Surgery?

Exercise is an essential component of the healing process and planned to maximize your results. Mild exercise can be done a few days after surgery and increased in intensity for four weeks. We have a series of activities for you to perform as you return to your regular exercise routine and keep the gluteal muscles in top shape for years to come

Scheduling Your Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation

So if you’re ready to get rid of areas of excess fat on your stomach, back, thighs, or hips and use those cells to transform the shape of your buttocks, augment your look, and love what you see every time you look in the mirror, don’t wait.

To schedule a consultation today for your Brazilian Butt Lift in Phoenix, call 480-405-3856 and take the first step toward your new image. Your new body is waiting!


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